The private cloud for tomorrow and today

Almost everyone has heard of the public cloud and the benefits it can offer, but not every application or system can or should be moved to the public cloud. If you're concerned about data security and access, the physical location of your data or have traditional applications that don't suit a cloud environment, a private cloud could be the answer. Private clouds give companies their own infrastructure as a service environment and enable them to increase business agility, take advantage of new technology trends and gain a competitive advantage while still retaining full control of their data within their own data center.

OpenStack is the leading open source cloud management platform used by enterprises around the world to transform their businesses. OpenStack software provides an open source cloud computing solution that gives your business an IT infrastructure with the agility, speed, and cost savings it needs to meet these challenges and take full advantage of new market opportunities. OpenStack is the ideal private cloud platform to help transform your data center. It delivers the next level of efficiency and innovation without the risks of vendor lock-in and high costs often associated with proprietary platforms.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Key Features

Widest choice of hypervisor, including KVM and VMware, along with bare metal provisioning via Ironic, makes it easier to modernize or transition existing workloads.
Broadest hardware certifications, lets you maximize the value of your existing IT infrastructure and investments.
Automated deployment of advanced high availability for critical cloud services helps you avoid the pain of unplanned downtime.
Flexible, template-based repeatable deployments that help enforce best practices.
Monitor, manage and optimize your OpenStack cloud environment with SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring based on Monasca.
Simplified cloud operations through intuitive graphical interfaces.

Reference Architecture:


SUSE OpenStack Cloud includes the following OpenStack services:

  • Compute (Nova)
  • Self-Service Dashboard (Horizon)
  • Object Storage (Swift)
  • Block Storage (Cinder)
  • Software-Defined Networking (Neutron)
  • Template & Image Repository (Glance)
  • Identity Management Service (Keystone)
  • Orchestration (Heat)
  • Bare Metal Provisioning (Ironic)
  • Container Orchestration Engine and Provisioning (Magnum)
  • Monitoring (Monasca)
  • Key Management (Barbican)
  • Metering and Data Collection (Ceilometer)
  • Shared Filesystems (Manila)*
  • DNS Service (Designate)**
  • Load Balancer (Octavia)

*Supported with Crowbar deployment only

**Supported with Cloud Lifecycle Manager deployment only


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