SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service Client (SLEPOS)

SLEPOS Client provides a reliable, flexible and open platform for point-of-service / point-of-sale terminals, kiosks, self-service systems and reverse-vending systems.

Why SLEPOS Client?

SLEPOS caters for the evolving needs of distributed point of service environments. Combined with SUSE Manager for Retail, SLEPOS forms a solution that offers comprehensive management of retail IT infrastructure.

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Flexible & Customizable

SLEPOS is an open operating system that supports the open standards pervasive in retail environments today. You can access the underlying source code, making it easier to tune your POS system to your individual needs.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate operating system licensing fees and pay for only maintenance subscriptions. SLEPOS isn't tied to a specific device like pre-loaded systems, so you have the freedom to select hardware that you can afford or is optimal for your use case.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Locking your business onto a single POS platform from a legacy vendor can put your business at risk. Retail applications running on SLEPOS Client provide a new upgrade path for businesses that don't want to get locked into a pattern of forced upgrades.

Support Subscription Plans
SUSE offers a choice of Standard or Priority Support for production deployment of applications on SLEPOS Client.

Top 4 Features

SLEPOS Client is a powerful, reliable and low-cost platform optimized for the retail environment. Secure and stable, it provides a robust operating platform for point of service and point of sale devices.

Optimized for low resource use cases

Provides Linux image templates that have a small footprint and are tuned for running point of service applications.

Easy device management

Easy remote management of SLEPOS Client with SUSE Manager for Retail.

Flexible configuration options

Supports network boot, WiFi and diskless operation.

Rapid time to value

Simplified installation process and configuration the point of service environment.

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