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Application Discovery for IBM Z Build Client 6.0.2

IBM Application Discovery for IBM Z Build Client (IBM AD Build Client) is an application-oriented configuration management database (CMDB) that automates application understanding and technical documentation for use in all application management activities. Synchronizing with your source configuration management system, it contains a full inventory of your application components and their details. IBM AD Build Client is an indispensable tool for support activities and a precursor to undertaking enhancements and modifications. It is designed for use by all technical staff, having management components for transparency into application metrics.

IBM AD Build Client uses a relational database as a repository for storing data. If you want to view this data, you need the relational database. The tables and fields in the repository are described in detail in IBM Application Discovery for IBM Z Repository document, which is provided upon request by IBM Support.

IBM AD Build Client supports the following source components:
OS - z/OS®/OS-390z/OS
Languages - zOS Cobol, DT Cobol, Natural, PL/I, ADS, ADS/O, Assembler
Databases - Db2®, Adabas, IMS DB, IDMS, Relational, Datacom
Transaction Monitor - CICS®, IMS TM
Mapping Types - BMS, MFS, NLM, ADS Map
Batch Components - JCL, Proc, Control Files (PARM)

  • Category Data Management & Analysis, Integration and Process Automation Middleware (e.g., ESB & B2B), Other Development and Deployment
  • Highlights
  • Platform SLES 15
  • Hardware Architecture System z
  • Certification SUSE "Ready" Verified