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Application Discovery for IBM Z Analyze Unversioned

IBM Application Discovery for IBM Z® Analyze (IBM AD Analyze) is an application portfolio management product for legacy applications, which provides understanding capabilities, impact analysis, control and data flow analysis, graphical and alphanumeric reports along with a database repository. Its main functions include the following:
Analysis of all components of a system to determine its structure and the relationships between, among and within program entities and the system and its components. The results of this analysis are stored in a data repository and can be examined by means of graphical displays and textual reports. Data in this repository serves as a basis for further analysis and synthesis.
Mining of the code to discover business rules of the application.
The standard edition of IBM AD Analyze can process projects developed in the following languages: zOS Cobol, DT Cobol, Natural, PL/I, ADS, ADS/O, Assembler, JAVA®.

IBM AD Analyze has a client component and a server component.

  • Category Data Management & Analysis, Integration and Process Automation Middleware (e.g., ESB & B2B), Other Development and Deployment
  • Highlights
  • Platform SLES 15
  • Hardware Architecture System z
  • Certification SUSE "Ready" Verified