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Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence for IBM Z 6.0.2

Much of the world’s software is legacy code that, for the most part, is stable and reliable and still supports the core business functions for which it was originally developed. Insofar as these programs refer to business-related processing, they are still relevant but require change in accordance with ongoing requirements.

Moreover, with the development of the Internet, e-commerce, and new hardware and operating systems, the need has arisen to modernize business applications by implementing new interface standards, online transaction processing over the Web, and improved database handling methods. Some legacy systems need to be replaced by new applications that use the latest design methodologies and languages.

To support the activities described above, software tools have been developed which are able to analyze the legacy system and aid in maintaining existing programs. At the same time these tools provide critical information needed in order to generate new programs that are architecturally sound and which utilize modern design methods. Furthermore, they capitalize on the fact that, for the most part, the business processing functions of the legacy system - the business rules - will still be valid for the new application.

  • Category Application Development Software, Application Server Middleware, Data Management & Analysis, Integration and Process Automation Middleware (e.g., ESB & B2B), Other Development and Deployment
  • Highlights
  • Platform SLES 15
  • Hardware Architecture System z
  • Certification SUSE "Ready" Verified