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Aqua Security Inc.


Aqua Container Security Platform

Aqua’s cloud-native security platform provides full visibility and control over containerized environments, with tight runtime security controls and intrusion prevention capabilities, at any scale. The platform provides programmatic access to all its functions via an API, for easy integration and automation. The Aqua Container Security platform deeply integrates into the build pipeline to detect issues early in the lifecycle and minimize the attack surface. It then monitors the runtime environment and prevents malicious activity using a whitelisting policy based on both declarative information and machine-learned behavior. It also integrates with LDAP/AD, secrets stores (e.g., HashiCorp, CyberArk), collaboration tools (e.g., Slack, PageDuty) and SIEM tools (e.g., Splunk, ArcSight) to enable scalable enterprise security. Aqua empowers enterprises to: ● “Shift left” security, enabling DevSecOps to accelerate application delivery with full automation and no compromise on security ● Protect workloads in runtime against known vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits, malware, and insider threats ● Limit the impact of breaches with a microservices firewall ● Secure their applications once, and deploy them anywhere with no need to re-configure security policies and controls ● Meet regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GDPR

  • Platform Rancher, SLE Micro, SLES 12
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Highlights

Harbor Scanner Trivy

Trivy as a plug-in vulnerability scanner in the Harbor registry.

  • Platform Rancher, SLE Micro
  • Hardware Architecture x86-64
  • Highlights