Frequently Asked Questions

What are you announcing?

  • First, we are rolling out a new Partner Portal that will serve all our SUSE Partner Program members. The new portal will be available at It will provide sales and technical training, a resource center filled with sales and marketing tools, a simple Deal Registration process for qualifying partners, and much more!

  • Second, we are announcing a new, improved, and simplified SUSE reseller Channel Partner Program. Partners that resell our Open Source enterprise technology will benefit from new training and certification pathways and enhanced profitability schemes that recognize and reward the investment and commitment made by our partners.

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When is this happening?

The new SUSE Partner Portal goes live at the end of September 2016. The SUSE Partner Portal will support the full range of SUSE Enterprise class open source solutions.

I’m not a reseller, I’m an Independent Software Vendor, what changes for me?

The most notable change will be the new SUSE Partner Portal. The new portal will contain all the resources you had in PartnerNet and more!

How will I be able to join the SUSE Partner Program?

Registration for the SUSE Partner Program will be available at, when the new program goes live.

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I have multiple relations with SUSE, how am I affected?

Many partners have a blended relationship with us. For example, they may resell SUSE solutions and develop applications that run with SUSE products. The new portal will provide access to all the partner tools and information to run both sides of their business.

What are the Solution Areas referred to in the SUSE Partner Program?

  • Enterprise Linux
  • Software-Defined Storage
  • OpenStack Cloud
  • Systems Management

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please contact your local Partner Executive or a member of the Partner Team.

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What are the key criteria for SUSE Channel Partners to understand?

  • First, the new Channel program is designed to let you have as much or as little interaction as makes sense for your business. You can simply register as a member and as long as you are a genuine reseller business, you are welcome to access the many resources available via the portal. If you commit to have a minimum of one SUSE Sales Specialist (SSS) and one Technical SUSE Certified Admin (SCA), you can start to benefit from increased rewards such as deal registration. Partners who commit more sales specialists and at least two SUSE Certified Engineers (SCE) can qualify for even more benefits, such as enhanced rebates, an assigned partner exec, and more.

  • Next, we recognize that the end customer is the priority here. We have updated our training and certification pathways based on four solution areas so that your teams can be clear on positioning while being enabled to provide the sales and technology support that is so in demand from today’s buying community. This means that the SUSE Channel Program supports your solution choice. We don’t force you to train on technology that does not fit into your technology stack—instead, we enable you to focus across any combination of our solution areas.

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Can I focus on only Storage or Cloud?

Yes. We encourage you to look at our complete solution set as part of your technology stack, however we don’t require you to sell all our technology. For example, you may choose to engage with our excellent Ceph-based Software Defined Storage solution only. We have training, on-boarding tools, a certification path, and an aggressive rebate program to encourage and reward your commitment.

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What is happening to PartnerNet?

PartnerNet was the partner program that served SUSE, Novell and NetIQ. It will no longer be active when the SUSE Partner Program goes live. The Novell and NetIQ brands will be represented in the Micro Focus Partner Program and the SUSE brand will be represented in the SUSE Partner Program. This will have many benefits for SUSE partners; it will enable us to provide communications and resources specific to our SUSE partners.

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Can I use my PartnerNet login credentials on the new SUSE Partner Portal?

Yes, the same login credentials that allow you to access the PartnerNet portal will grant you access to the new SUSE Partner Portal.

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Is there a recording of the SUSE Partner Program salescast?

Yes, to download a copy of the presentation and view the recording, click here.

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