Product Demos

Welcome to our collection of demos for Integrated Systems. Watch these demos to learn how to build, manage and maintain software appliances.

SUSE Gallery

Preview SUSE Gallery, an online showcase for ISVs to publish, share, exchange, collaborate and promote software appliances. As a part of award-winning SUSE Studio™, SUSE Gallery is a central online repository of commercial and community based appliances for end-users to browse. SUSE Gallery is one of the latest marketing benefits of the SUSE Appliance Program and offers a free, web-based venue for an ISV to publish appliances.

SUSE Studio

The award-winning SUSE Studio is the fastest and easiest way to create, test and configure fully supported physical, virtual or cloud application stacks based on SUSE Linux Enterprise. You can build an appliance, or your own custom Linux configuration, with just a few mouse clicks.

SUSE Lifecycle Management Server

SUSE Lifecycle Management Server gives you a single platform to manage entitlements and deliver unified updates to your deployed software appliances. In addition, it monitors and manages software appliances throughout their lifetimes. Managing the lifecycle of your software appliances has never been easier.


IDC calls virtual appliances the wave of the future, and SUSE is ready to help you take full advantage of this important and promising new trend. Start uncovering the many advantages of virtual appliances and start using them to simplify application deployment and accelerate your shift to cloud computing with this on-demand webinar.


WebYaST is a web-based management interface for full visibility into the configuration, health and performance of your SUSE Linux Enterprise based software appliances. Build your appliance with SUSE Studio and perform setup, configuration and basic monitoring with WebYaST.