SUSE Partner Engineering Services Partner Certification Support Agreement (DS 100)

Hardware Vendors can take advantage of working directly with SUSE Engineers to get hardware systems, YES Certified, and to market quickly.

A Partner Certification Support Agreement provides the following benefits:

Twenty Engineering Service Requests

Answers to questions focused on product development issues for enablement and certification of your product. Enabling your product to run on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or addressing issues surfaced during YES Certification testing are examples.

SUSE Solid Driver Program

The SUSE Solid Driver Program (SSDP) developed by SUSE allows hardware and software vendors to provide Linux drivers, driver updates and other kernel modules to their customers in a direct and transparent way that is completely integrated with the SUSE Linux Enterprise environment. More

YES Certification Training

Learn how to use YES Certification test tools and the bulletin submission process.

YES Self-Certification and YES Certified bulletins

Submission process to submit test results to SUSE for validation and release; maximum of 100 bulletins.

YES Certified Logo

Use the YES Certified logo on your product website, packaging, and promotional materials. (must have YES Certified bulletin published before using the YES Certified logo on your product website and promotional material)

Includes Membership in PartnerNet® for Technology Partners Program

How to purchase

Partner Certification Support Agreements are US$20,000. This includes a membership in PartnerNet for Technology Partners. For more information about purchasing a Certification Support Agreement or if a Silver Level partner would like to add a DS (Developer Services) agreement, please send an email to