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Novell Technology Assurance Program provides some of the industry's most comprehensive coverage against intellectual property (IP) infringement claims. The Novell Technology Assurance Program includes an agreement designed to protect you financially if a third party files a copyright, patent, trade secret or trademark-infringement claim against you. It's a program that provides much more than the basic warranty-like protection offered by other vendors. It gives you the same level of IP protection for Linux-based and open source products that you have come to expect for proprietary products.

Novell Technology Assurance Program

  • Novell Indemnification Program
    This program makes SUSE products safe and viable options for your business. Indemnification is offered for copyright, patent, trade secret or trademark-infringement claims made by third parties against SUSE customers. This protection applies to all products offered by SUSE for customers who:
    • Purchase and maintain ongoing subscription(s) to upgrades and updates
    • Purchase and maintain annual technical support (either separately or included with maintenance)
    There is no registration requirement for the Novell Indemnification Program.

  • Novell's Agreement with Microsoft
    Under the Novell and Microsoft patent cooperation agreement, when you buy any SUSE products—whether Linux-based or proprietary—you receive a patent covenant not to sue from Microsoft. Microsoft's covenant not to sue a SUSE customer applies to a SUSE offering independent of the channel of distribution and licensing terms, and whether any code is covered by GPLv2 or GPLv3.

Value to the cloud customer:

You will be protected by SUSE Legal in case of any copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret infringement claims made by third parties. This saves you money and guarantees service availability.

In comparison, unpaid Linux provides:

  • No coverage

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