The SUSE Product Support Lifecycle provides consistent and predictable support availability guidelines, allowing you to effectively plan and manage your support needs.

Guaranteed product lifecycle and roadmap
  • Code Maintenance
  • SUSE provides up to 7 years proactive code maintenance for each major release and corresponding service packs. During this time SUSE also offers migration paths in order to upgrade from lower to higher release numbers.

  • Support lifecycle
  • SUSE provides free and unlimited self service tools like the Forums and the Support Knowledgebase, which are available for 10 years per major release. For an additional cost, SUSE provides 7 years active add-on support service.

  • Roadmap
  • A release cycle of 24 months for major releases and usually release cycles of 6-8 months between service pack releases make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server rollouts and upgrades planable.

Value to the cloud customer

You can plan your cloud rollouts, updates and migrations in advance and execute them efficiently.

In comparison, unpaid Linux provides:
  • No regular releases
  • No support
  • No maintenance