World-class Linux support

Get the best Linux support in the world, with an expansive network of partners, innovative tools, proven escalation processes, and industry-recognized awards and certifications.

As part of the SUSE Cloud Program, SUSE enables cloud providers to offer Service Level Agreements to their customers. You can enhance your cloud service offerings and increase your revenue and margin opportunities either by providing your own support for SUSE Linux Enterprise instances, backed by our expertise, or reselling our number-one rated Linux support.

With our expansive network of partners, innovative tools, proven escalation processes, and industry-recognized awards and certifications, you can make sure your customers get the expert help they need, when they need it.

Learn more about our industry recognized support awards and certifications.

Worldwide maintenance and support services

  • Free Upgrades
    Customers are entitled to upgrade to the latest major releases at no extra cost.
  • Code Maintenance
    SUSE delivers driver updates, maintenance patches and security fixes/updates for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server either via the Cloud Service provider as proxy or via the Customer Center, a comfortable online portal for customers to manage their subscriptions.
  • Service Packs
    Delivers "Updates" for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, which consolidate all Code Maintenance patches up to a specified date which might bring new functionality to the distribution.
  • Maintain Certifications
    All patches delivered under Code Maintenance or via Service Packs are tested by SUSE and SUSE partners to make sure their deployment does not break any existing certifications of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • NTS Forum Support
    All customers have self-service access to the Novell Technical Services Forums as well as to the online Support Knowledgebase for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The NTS Forum allows you to seek for existing case solutions, and also allows customers to open new threads on their issues and ask for help. Answers are provided by Novell Technical Services employees and community members. (Note: There are no Service Level Agreements available for this type of support.)

Value to the cloud customer:

You will always run on an up-to-date SUSE Linux Enterprise Server which complies with all certifications, with guaranteed support for the solution stack you are running. SUSE provides Level 1 and Level 2 self-service support to you at no extra charge.

In comparison, unpaid Linux provides

  • No Maintenance
  • No Service Packs
  • No Support

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