Server functionality beyond the pure Linux-OS

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server goes beyond pure Linux-OS by offering comprehensive functionality to power today's networks and meet user demands.

Onboard server features and connectivity

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes server services
    Instead of just being a pure operating system, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server also includes key Linux server services, such as LAMP, DHCP, DNS, http, ftp, mail (imap & pop), ntp, proxy and many more at no extra cost and with full support. For any other operating system, like MS Windows for example, these services usually come at significant extra costs.
  • Predefined server install patterns
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation allows you to chose predefined installation patterns, which, if chosen, will install and set up the right components to run different types of server services, such as LAMP-, DHCP-, DNS, http-, ftp-, mail-, ntp- and proxy-server etc.—all configurable and managable via YaST®, the integrated systems management front-end.
  • Best connectivity—storage access via iSCSI, FCoE and DCB
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Data Center Bridging (DCB). Open-FCoE enables the encapsulation of Fibre Channel frames as Ethernet packets. It also allows enterprises to access their existing Fibre Channel storage (requires FcoE support) using an Ethernet adapter. DCB is a collection of Ethernet enhancements that allow network traffic with differing requirements to operate and co-exist on Ethernet. This is done through enhanced transmission selection, priority-based flow control, and congestion notification. You can use Open-FCoE and DCB to run SAN and LAN traffic over the same link, saving time and money.

Value to the cloud customer:

You can use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for multiple server services at no additional cost, all with full support commitment from SUSE. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server it is also possible to connect hosted instances via FCoE to customers' local storage units.

In comparison, unpaid Linux provides:

  • No support
  • Services that are not tested and might be unstable

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