Our partnership ensures maximum performance and reliability.

MariaDB Corporation is a leading open source relational database provider in the $10bn global market. Built by the luminaries behind the legendary MySQL project, its engineer-led team totals over half a millennium of transactional database technology experience. MariaDB is developed by a vibrant community that nurtures new talent and is committed to transparent innovation in order to achieve its aim of building the world's leading database platform for cloud.

With its adoption growing at an annual rate of over 400% since launch, MariaDB offers a solid alternative to the Big Four database vendors. Its technology spans SQL and NoSQL worlds, is cloud-ready and supports legacy MySQL applications. Today, MariaDB has over 2 million users globally and 500 customers in 30 countries, including global brands such as HP, Craigslist, Deutsche Telekom, Virgin Mobile and Booking.com. In addition to SUSE, other Open Source technology leaders such as Red Hat, Rackspace and IBM have chosen MariaDB as their database of choice for their customers who include some of the world's largest enterprises.

SUSE and MariaDB
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MariaDB is now the default relational database option on SUSE Linux Enterprise. The partnership between SUSE and MariaDB makes sure MariaDB on SUSE Linux is optimized for your applications' most challenging use cases in performance and reliability.

Joint Solutions

The MariaDB Corporation and SUSE cooperation works to offer optimal performance and high availability of MariaDB - now the default database on SUSE Linux Enterprise.

For SUSE Linux Enterprise customers, the partnership delivers advanced support for MariaDB to ensure reliable development and operations of your MariaDB database.

SUSE and MariaDB Expand Linux Ecosystem on IBM POWER8

SUSE and MariaDB have recently announced that MariaDB Enterprise will be optimized for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 on IBM POWER8. SUSE and MariaDB will be publishing tuning and optimization guides for customers and partners to further demonstrate the capabilities and performance benefits of Linux on Power. Read the press release now here