Run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z on IBM zEnterprise System

Get SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for free for your IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX)

The IBM zEnterprise System makes it possible to deploy an integrated hardware platform that brings together System z and distributed technologies. A powerful, flexible, efficient, innovative, and integrated hybrid system architecture, the zEnterprise System is comprised of three components:

  • The "core" is the next generation mainframe zEnterprise 196, its "little sister" zEnterprise 114, the zEnterprise EC12 or the zEnterprise zBC12
  • The "body" is the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) with power modules, and also recently announced the x86 modules running Linux or Windows
  • And IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager is the key to managing the hybrid subsystems and forming an integrated solution. It is a platform management capability which monitors, and governs workloads that are deployed across all zEnterprise assets, including Linux virtual machines running on z/VM. Via the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager, the multi-operating system resources running on different architectures can be operated as a single, logical, virtualized system, with shared memory, shared disk, etc...

This hybrid system is designed to reduce complexity, improve security and bring applications closer to the data they need.

Our unique and special offer to customers running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on z196, z114, zEC12 or zBC12 makes the hybrid system even more attractive:

Get a free Basic Subscription of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for x86-64 for unlimited use with all your zBX hardware. This offering is only available to registered SUSE customers with an active subscription for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, and it is valid for existing subscriptions and new purchases.

Your additional benefits:

  • Improve performance of your systems, maximize your hardware investment and reduce the complexity of your data center running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on x86-64 and on your mainframe.
  • Benefit from maximum flexibility, with over 10,000 certified ISV applications available for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (versions 9, 10, 11), including all IBM Software for Linux, SAP applications, and many others. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the strategic Linux platform providing the freedom of choice to run your Linux workloads on the hardware platform most beneficial for you.
  • Take advantage of the optionally available SUSE Studio™ Advanced Edition, a tool for creating and managing workload images for physical, virtual and cloud environments. You can easily and seamlessly standardize and manage the life-cycle of your solution deployments and images on System x and System z. Just standardize your x86 and System z environments on the most reliable, available and scalable enterprise Linux distribution in the market today.
  • Easily manage multiple Linux distributions across diverse hardware architectures and virtual environments with SUSE Manager (optionally available).

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