The Market Share Leader for Linux on System z just got better.

Faster performance, tighter security, better resource utilization and reduced administration—these are just a few of the benefits of server consolidation with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z.

IBM and SUSE: IBM System z ISV Update - Join the Teleconference 18 July 2013, 11a.m. ET

Customer-driven innovation, engineering excellence, long-term business expertise and outstanding partnerships make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z the logical choice for businesses. And with every new Service Pack, we focus on enhancements for the outstanding IBM System z platform. Enhancements in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 11 Service Pack 3 not only do include advanced exploitation of the latest System z hardware releases, improved RAS features, and increased performance, but also a Technical Preview of KVM on System z. Learn more from our experts during this teleconference. Speaker: Patrick Quairoli, Director IBM Alliances

IBM and SUSE: IBM System z ISV Update - Join the Teleconference 17 January 2013, 11 a.m. ET

Linux on System z continues to offer additional opportunities for ISV products and solutions. SUSE will discuss the growing Linux Market opportunity and the opportunity ISVs have to expand their market offerings to take advantage of the solutions that make System z successful.

SUSE will discuss:

  • What's new in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 11 SP2 and the 3.0 Linux kernel
  • How SUSE can help you leverage zEnterprise by bringing x86-64 apps closer to the mainframe.
  • New solutions and programs that can help you rehost x86-64 offerings to System z and still offer customers a lower cost of ownership than many distributed solutions.

IBM and SUSE: IBM System z ISV Update Join the Teleconference 24 May 2012, 11 a.m. EDT

Innovation, enterprise quality and investment protection. In the past, you had to settle for one or two at the expense of the other. But you don't have to compromise anymore, as you get all three with the latest service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.

Through a new, forward-looking development model, SUSE is able to offer the latest features and performance enhancements, support the latest hardware, and do it all while continuing to deliver enterprise reliability and application compatibility. Our forward-looking development model is a superior approach—a step forward. It's the next evolution in enterprise Linux software development. If you want to learn more, join us for the webcast and listen to Olaf Kirch, SUSE's Director of Server Department.

New SUSE offering for IBM zEnterprise System / zBX

Remember? In July 2010, IBM introduced the "revolution of the data center" called IBM zEnterprise System. With the introduction of this new hybrid system, which is designed to reduce complexity, improve security and bring applications closer to the data they need, for the first time it became possible to deploy an integrated hardware platform that brings together System z and distributed technologies.

With the recent announcement of the availability of a new component, the smaller, cost-efficient zEnterprise 114 (as an alternative to the zEnterprise 196), as well as the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extensions running Linux on x86, IBM adds a new chapter to the unique success story of the hybrid system. And SUSE brings this success to the next level, honoring the 10+ years of our customers loyalty to the market-leading SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z, with a special IBM z Blade Extension offering.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and IBM* zEnterprise* System

Get server virtualization for less than US$1 a day with IBM* zEnterprise* System. SUSE Linux Enterprise is the perfect end-to-end solution to run your critical business on IBM zEnterprise System. IBM zEnterprise System includes zEnterprise 196, IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager, and IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX).

Multi-Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) Pricing for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z

Multi-IFL pricing is an extended pricing model for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z. The multi-IFL pricing will help you manage the total cost of acquisition and the total cost of ownership when you consolidate your workloads to Linux on System z.

Time Flies When You're Innovating

From the moment we introduced SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for the mainframe more than ten years ago, our commitment to helping you optimize on IBM System z has never wavered. Together, with our valued partner IBM, we've developed more Linux-for-mainframe innovations than any other provider, delivering the simplest, most cost-effective alternative server consolidation platform to x86 platforms available today. So, as the only distributor that's been delivering an enterprise-class and fully supported Linux operating system since the very start of Linux on the mainframe, we can safely say that if history often repeats itself, the future looks even brighter.

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