SUSE IT Consulting and our partners can help you with all your technical challenges, speeding the adoption of your SUSE solution. From beginning to end, SUSE IT Consulting has proven methodologies and phases to ensure your success.

Why SUSE Consulting

Companies need to find ways to reduce their IT spending while increasing profitability. By investing in SUSE Linux, you are already one step closer to that goal.

By engaging SUSE IT consulting and our partners, you can leverage your investment, meet budgetary constraints and stay ahead of the competition. The SUSE consulting team builds systems using cutting-edge technology to deploy key business applications running on the Linux platform.

Virtualization is hot trend right now, and for good reason. We ensure that you both support mission-critical workloads and reduce your data center costs. But that is not the only reason why SUSE IT consulting is the right choice for your organization today.

"The number of organizations with plans to increase the use of Linux for mission- critical workloads has grown consistently year-over-year to reach 73 percent in 2013"
Linux Foundation

Consulting Solutions

There are multiple ways to engage SUSE IT Consulting. The more complex the solution, the longer the engagement. We use our proven Methodology to create quality business solutions to integrate into your existing organization.

Benefits of engaging SUSE IT Consulting:

  • Deep and varied expertise to design and deliver quality business solutions.
  • Innovation combined with a practical approach to develop solutions that deliver real value.
  • Consistent and well-defined methodologies to ensure quality solutions are delivered on time, and within budget.
  • Strong commitment to open standards, interoperability and the right blend of technology from SUSE and other leading vendors.
Two Week Engagements

SUSE IT Consulting has created a new set of two-week engagements to help you rapidly install and configure SUSE products into your production environment in a short time frame:

  • SUSE Start for SUSE OpenStack Cloud allows you to preview the most requested features for SUSE OpenStack Cloud and receive assistance in setting up a limited private-cloud infrastructure. We modify and customize the implementation using our best practices. By relying on experienced consultants, you will see a fast and flexible turnaround with minimal disruption to your business.
  • SUSE Start for SUSE Manager helps you manage your patch delivery needs and sets the stage for you to understand what you need for provisioning and monitoring within your unique environment. We configure the SUSE Manager installation to meet your Linux Management requirements, and you benefit from a fast and flexible implementation.
  • SUSE Start for SUSE Studio gives you the assistance you need to set up virtual applications and provision new workloads in your environment. This engagement ensures that your SUSE Studio™ implementation meets your needs for improved application stack configuration, build and deployment.

In addition, we have created a specific engagement so you can add Linux Enterprise expertise to your team on an as-needed basis:

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General SUSE Consulting Offerings

One-week Consulting

One-week Consulting

Many customers need staff augmentation for those predictable times when in-house resources are scarce and projects are time-sensitive. One-week Consulting will help you to plan for those emergencies.

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Custom Development

Custom Development

As your business needs evolve, you often need to create and update policies, custom drivers, scripts and other custom code. SUSE IT Consulting can help you do cost-effective, small-scale custom development.

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Delivery Excellence Review

If you need a health check, we can provide a Delivery Excellence Review to help you on your way to system improvement and operational efficiency.

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Our Methodology

We have developed a uniform and effective methodology, the SUSE Unified Delivery Process, which is used in all SUSE IT consulting engagements. The SUSE Unified Delivery Process ensures that our solutions are delivered on time and within budget. Furthermore, the process can be leveraged by SUSE or by one of our trusted partners, guaranteeing a consistent delivery for every project.

The SUSE Unified Delivery Process defines a flexible framework for delivering either small or large projects. The process allows for the creation of a project plan tailored to the specific needs of the engagement while maintaining delivery best practices. The SUSE Unified Delivery Process also provides solution delivery guidelines, templates, sample deliverables, and tools for all critical development activities.

Whether you work directly with SUSE, or through one of our qualified and trusted partners, you will benefit from the advantages of the SUSE Unified Delivery Process by taking advantage of SUSE's broad project and product experience. Through this process, we can effectively help you:

  • Develop your solution iteratively
  • Manage your requirements
  • Use clearly defined architectures based on proven solution reference architecture
  • Verify your solution quality
  • Control changes to your solution

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