SUSE Operates Across Communities to Deliver Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry Innovation to the Enterprise

October 15, 2018

New Kubernetes-native implementation of Cloud Foundry advances SUSE’s mission to help organizations accelerate application delivery and innovation and increase business agility

BASEL, Switzerland (Cloud Foundry Summit)

SUSE® today announced that a new Kubernetes-native implementation of the popular Cloud Foundry development model is coming to SUSE Cloud Application Platform, advancing the company’s drive to help enterprises accelerate application delivery, speed innovation and increase business agility. This is SUSE’s latest move to provide Kubernetes users with the top cloud native DevOps experience by combining Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry technologies. SUSE Cloud Application Platform boosts developer productivity with automation that eliminates the need to build and manage container images.

SUSE is including technology from open source Project Eirini that allows Kubernetes to be used as the container orchestration engine for deploying and managing applications through Cloud Foundry. Eirini allows operators to choose Kubernetes functionality to orchestrate application container instances in SUSE Cloud Application Platform while retaining the Cloud Foundry user experience familiar to many application developers.

“SUSE provides high productivity solutions for cloud native application delivery,” said Gerald Pfeifer, SUSE vice president of Products and Technology Programs. “Our approach is to identify leading open source technologies and bring them together in a way that makes sense for our customers. Today, that means bringing the unsurpassed productivity of the Cloud Foundry model together with modern Kubernetes infrastructure in SUSE Cloud Application Platform. This unique combination enables our customers to reduce complexity and become more agile to meet the changing demands of the digital economy.”

SUSE began to integrate Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry in 2017 by containerizing Cloud Foundry and running it in Kubernetes. That reduced the Cloud Foundry footprint and made it easier for Kubernetes users to manage. Replacing Cloud Foundry’s internal scheduler with Kubernetes is the next step, providing a top-to-bottom Kubernetes-native implementation of Cloud Foundry and further simplifying SUSE Cloud Application Platform for Kubernetes users.

“One of the greatest strengths of open source is its community-driven approach to software advancement, encouraging the free flow of ideas to spur innovation,” said Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “SUSE’s collaborations across the CNCF and Cloud Foundry communities reflect our common goal of improving the Kubernetes developer and user experiences.”

Chip Childers, CTO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, said, “The Cloud Foundry Foundation is excited to see SUSE’s contributions to the Cloud Foundry community’s efforts around the Kubernetes platform. It’s an example of an enterprise solution emerging as a result of the open source ecosystem actively building bridges between projects, communities and technologies.”

SUSE Cloud Application Platform is a modern, Kubernetes-based application delivery platform used by software development and operations teams to streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud native applications. Bringing together industry-leading Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry technologies, the platform facilitates DevOps process integration to accelerate innovation, improve IT responsiveness and maximize return on investment.

Nicolas Christener, CEO/CTO at Adfinis SyGroup AG, said, “Because SUSE Cloud Application Platform runs in Kubernetes, it’s relatively simple for us to use in our multi-cloud environment. We run the platform on public cloud Kubernetes services for testing purposes and then deploy to private cloud Kubernetes infrastructure for production. It works like a charm.”

SUSE plans to include the Kubernetes-native implementation of Cloud Foundry featuring the Project Eirini Kubernetes scheduler in the next major release of SUSE Cloud Application Platform next year. SUSE is showing an early version of the new capabilities at the Cloud Foundry Summit this week in Basel, Switzerland, in booth #14. For more information about SUSE Cloud Application Platform, visit

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