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SUSE Bulletin System

SBS is the database and associated interface for creating, storing, and accessing SUSE "YES" Enterprise Certification Bulletins. From this web-based interface, authenticated partners may submit certification test results, manage in-process certification submissions, communicate with SUSE Partner Engineering, and view released certification bulletins.

Depending on the type of SBS access which you have been granted, a "submission" link may appear below the "SUSE "YES" Enterprise - Bulletin Search" link on this page. If you require SBS submission access but a "submission" link is not visible below, please contact your SUSE Partner Manager to request modification of your SBS access. .

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****** NEW Test Kit 8.8.1 Released 9/29/2023 ******

The ISO of this new SCK can be downloaded from: SCK 8.8.1 Download or the Yes Systems Tools Webpage.
The SCK 8.8.1 announcement letter can be viewed at: Announcement Letter. The latest SCK 8.8.1 Documentation can be downloaded at: SCK Documentation. The deadline for using the SCK 8.8.0 is December 1, 2023.

****** SCK Update Files ******

We offer updates for the latest SCK (Test kit). This includes bug fixes and improvements. The SCK updates can be downloaded from SCK Update Download

*** Please note: General Support ended for SLES 15 SP4 on December 31, 2023; general certifications for SLES 15 SP4 also ended on December 31, 2023 (Including 3C copies of existing SLES 15 SP4 bulletins). Only Restricted bulletins will be allowed after December 31, 2023.

Please note:
1) All unreleased bulletin submissions will be deleted when they become 1 year old or when the end date of general support for the tested OS has passed, whichever comes first.
2) Some browsers may require you to Right-click and choose Save As or Download Linked File... in order to download the file.

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