Network Server
22 Jan 2016

YES CERTIFIED with the following products:
Operating Systems:
  SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 12 for AMD64 & Intel64 with KVM     Service Pack 1 for SUSE® SLES 12

Virtual Machines (Guests OS):
3   SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server 12 for AMD64 & Intel64
  SP:  Service Pack 1 for SUSE® SLES 12     Arch:  64     Mode:  Fully Virtualized

Product Description
Has your desktop reached the limit in terms of performance, scalability and expandability? Than the FUJITSU CELSIUS W550 desktop workstation is your ideal choice, especially for entry-level 3D, CAD or Media and Entertainment applications. Enjoy best-in-class low noise emissions of only 18 dB(A)support efficient working in a most quiet working environment. Moreover, the highest level of reliability and quality is driven by precision engineering and outstanding production processes Made in Germany.

Tested Configuration:
Computer Type:Mid Tower
Mother Board Revision:S26361-D3417-A1
BIOS/uEFI:UEFI-Legacy: V5.0.0.11 R1.8.0 for D3417-A1x (11/17/2015)
CPU:Intel  Xeon® Processor E3-1275 v5 3.60 GHz
Ports and Bus Types:PCI Express X16
PCI Express X4
2 PCI Express X1
13 USB Ports
Video Adapter:Intel  HD Graphics P530
Host Bus Adapter:Intel  GL82C236 PCH , Serial ATA (SATA)
Hard Disk Drive:Western Digital  WD5000AAKX-0 , Serial ATA (SATA)
CD/DVD:Hitachi Data Systems  DVD-RAM GH60N , Serial ATA (SATA)
Test Kit:System Certification Kit 7.5.0-20.4

Config Notes
  1. PCI Network Pass-Through: System was tested using PCI pass-through where one of the host network adapters was given to one of the SLES 12 SP1 x86-64 guests. The embedded Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM adapter was used during this testing.

Adapters and Drivers
Intel  Ethernet Connection I219-LM
Driver Type: LAN DriverDriver Name: e1000e.ko
Driver Date: 11-Nov-2015Driver Size: 410631
Checksum: 62d06a0eee1050f0faf47bf39262119d
Driver Version: 3.2.5-k

Broadcom®  BCM5787 Netlink Gigabit Ethernet
Driver Type: LAN DriverDriver Name: tg3.ko
Driver Date: 11-Nov-2015Driver Size: 257119
Checksum: 68b956cb5c8bb96a07d2dd38941a72f7
Driver Version: 3.137

Intel  GL82C236 PCH
Driver Type: HBA DriverDriver Name: ahci.ko
Driver Date: 11-Nov-2015Driver Size: 64759
Checksum: 2b582bd14e5672b9371a9d873e785b85
Driver Version: 3.0

Intel  HD Graphics P530
Driver Type: Video DriverDriver Name: intel_drv.so
Driver Date: 03-Mar-2015Driver Size: 1460464
Checksum: 467e31a0937285fae3a3957b3a2981b0
Driver Version: 2.99.914

Driver Type: Video DriverDriver Name: modesetting_drv.so
Driver Date: 31-Aug-2015Driver Size: 48632
Checksum: 57782c9896c7af5627626c7b4ad45d31
Driver Version: 0.9.0

The term YES CERTIFIED applies only to the exact configuration documented in this bulletin. For more information on hardware exchange policies, please access the following document and view the Hardware Component Exchange Guide.


For more information regarding the specific test configuration, please contact:

Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH
Bürgermeister-Ulrich-Strasse 100
Augsburg   86199
Voice: +49 (0)821 804-3321



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