White Paper: SUSE Embedded Security

Security awareness has increased across all computing platforms as embedded solution developers strive to build interoperable, connected devices, hardware, and systems.

SUSE understand that security needs to be a key ingredient in embedded solution development from the beginning, and not just an afterthought. SUSE Embedded Solutions provides developers with:

  • Enhanced engineering and technical support services
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use development tools
  • Access to training through the SUSE Partner Program
  • Simplified subscription models and flexible agreements
  • Thousands of hardware and software certifications
  • Extended, long-term support
  • Enterprise-grade systems for fixed function applications
  • Ease of customization in order to deliver Just Enough Operating System (JeOS)

Learn more about the security benefits of SUSE Embedded Solutions by filling out this simple form and downloading the white paper Smarter and More Secure Development with SUSE Embedded Solutions. In addition to this white paper, you will also receive a collection of other resources, including:

  • A white paper on the advantages of building virtual appliances on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  • A solution guide on accelerating embedded system development with Linux and SUSE Embedded Solutions
  • A list of the top 10 reasons customers choose SUSE for Linux support
  • And more

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