How Service Providers can Benefit from OpenStack

For today’s service provider, open-source software offers the following benefits:

  • Access to a wider variety of client projects
  • Increased choice of technology and tools
  • Ability to maintain an independent approach and help customers avoid vendor lock-in

As an open-source platform, OpenStack provides a cost-effective, vendor-agnostic alternative for those looking to avoid vendor lock-in and reduce licensing costs.

At the same time, open-source platforms such as OpenStack still require investment in skills and partnerships, as well as a level of operational capability that may be out of reach for some. This is where SUSE comes in, providing an easy-to-use OpenStack distribution.

In this Pathfinder Report from 451 Research, you will learn about:

  • Options for open-source cloud platforms
  • Investing in open-source infrastructure
  • Geographic trends in open-source cloud technology
  • Using open-source platforms like OpenStack to support your customers’ digital transformation initiatives
  • How to gain the most benefit from open-source technology as a service provider

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