"Open source is becoming the backbone for driving digital innovation." Gartner 2019

The world's largest indepen­dent open source company is Israel-ready.

The world's leading companies choose SUSE reliable, secure and enterprise-ready open source solutions to manage complexity, reduce costs and deliver business-critical services, powering innovation and digital transformation.

  • Simplify and optimize existing IT environments
  • Modernize by bringing applications and data into modern computing
  • Accelerate business innovation through True Open Source Software

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Thousands of leading organizations worldwide rely on SUSE for their mission-critical computing & IT management needs. Here’s why:

  • SUSE has teamed up with the world’s largest companies to offer you a variety of solutions: AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Intel, SAP, Oracle and more.
  • SUSE’s cloud capabilities let you combine multiple cloud platforms, including converged container and virtual infrastructure, into a single management environment.
  • SUSE is dedicated to supporting your dual vendor strategy and allows you the freedom to choose with no enforced vendor lock-in
  • SUSE Israel’s highly experienced team is your local address for all your open source needs.
  • 2/3 of customers give SUSE engineers a perfect score.
  • Gain access to 8,500 certified applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is certified on 13,500+ hardware systems.