Historically, manufacturing processes have continually evolved to take advantage of new and emerging technologies. This is the case today as manufacturers are capitalizing on the latest technologies—innovations such as 3-D printing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, Internet of Things, and robotics—to harness the value of mass data, improve processes, cut costs, and drive revenue growth, shaping a new industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0.

To be successful in this new industrial revolution, manufacturers need to generate insights in real time and gain transparency over all aspect of their operations. In this white paper, learn the keys to enabling this new level of innovation, and the benefits of running manufacturing software from SAP on Dell EMC infrastructure with the SUSE operating system and the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, enabling organizations of any size to accelerate innovation, manufacture high-quality products at increased profit margins, and lower the effort and expenditures of compliance.

This white paper will explore:

  • A glance at manufacturing history and the Smart Manufacturing opportunity
  • Challenges on the road to transforming manufacturing
  • Solutions to enable Industry 4.0
  • Tips for getting started on your journey

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