TCO Case Study

Reveals the Cost Leader for Disk-to-Disk Backup & Archive to Object Storage

IT professionals know the cost of owning servers, networking and storage equipment is more than the purchase price of the hardware. The total cost of IT equipment also includes:

  • Installation
  • Software licenses
  • Service
  • Support
  • Training
  • Upgrades
  • And other costs related to a specific product or situation.

TCO case studies are designed to provide busy IT Pros with vendor-independent data about the total cost of specific products.

This case study examines seven comparably-equipped object storage solutions: four from various disk array vendors, and three from software-defined storage vendors.

It turns out one of the vendors stands-out with lower TCO based on industry standard hardware and attractively priced software licenses with support included.

Read the rest of this report to find out who it is.

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