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Save money now, and in the future, by using less hardware to run the same services reliably and predictably, on an open platform.

In today's highly competitive environment, any performance gains will be weighed against the incremental investments necessary to achieve those gains. SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension helps you improve application performance, while simultaneously reducing infrastructure costs.

Because applications using SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension are more reliable and predictable, even under heavy system loads, over-provisioned systems can now safely be run hotter, or at higher average utilization, effectively increasing capacity, or alternatively, lowering hardware costs on a per service basis. Virtualization support reduces hardware costs by supporting mixed environments of real-time and virtual machines, or by supporting greater density of real-time instances on a single server.

Many trading and market data servers are currently run at 5-20 percent capacity, in order to accommodate trading volumes that can spike up to 15 times their daily average during the course of a day. By using the Real Time Extension, these same systems can be provisioned at 10-40 percent average utilization, allowing firms to meet the same quality of service targets and service level agreements, but with half the hardware.

Furthermore, you can avoid vendor lock in and protect your current investments by implementing SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension, an open source add-on to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. You'll benefit from SUSE's integration of the open source community's latest real-time technologies into its enterprise platform, and can choose to get support from a number of different vendors.

By using the Real Time Extension, you can redirect scarce resources to your core business operations, rather than maintain and support your own custom, low latency platform. You'll maximize flexibility and choice, and lower your total infrastructure costs by implementing open standards based real time technologies from SUSE.