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Product Features

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service combines the operating system base of SUSE Linux Enterprise with specific add-on tools to set up a Point of Service managed clients solution.

Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service includes three primary components: Administration Server, Branch Server, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service Client Images.

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Key Technical Features

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service provides a reliable, flexible and open platform for point of service / point of sale terminals, kiosks, self-service systems and reverse-vending systems. It includes Linux for user touch points and in-store servers. The key technical features are:

  • Linux image templates that have a small footprint and are tuned for running point of service applications
  • YaST graphical user interface for creating images with KIWI and managing them
  • Centralized administration and deployment tools
  • Support for network boot and diskless operation
  • Support for retail point-of-service hardware
  • Simplified installation process for installing and configuring the point of service environment

Customized Images

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service simplifies the management of your in-store servers and POS devices by providing centralized administration and deployment tools. Now you can build your tailored operating system images centrally and deploy them locally. This gives you much more flexibility and added options.

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System Reliability and Security

Reduce network administration costs and improve operational efficiencies due to the advanced reliability and security of SUSE Linux Enterprise.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce your total cost of ownership through affordable maintenance subscriptions, centralized administration and deployment tools, small operating-system footprint images, and support for a variety of applications and hardware.

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Freedom from Vendor Lock–in

Get an open operating system that supports open standards, provides access to the underlying source code, and gives you freedom of choice.

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Established Ecosystem

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service has a strong ecosystem of hardware, application, consulting, training and support vendors ready to help retailers succeed.

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New in Service Pack 3

As a retailer, you want to focus on what matters most: your customers. To ensure they receive excellent service, a reliable and secure operating system is crucial. With every Service Pack, we ship enhancements to help you optimize your IT environment. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 Service Pack 3, you get even more improved reliability, security and robustness, easier management, wireless operation of POS clients, and a tight cooperation with SUSE Manager.

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New in Service Pack 2

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 Service Pack 2 comes with several new and exciting features such as the inclusion of the Subscription Management Tool, extended roll-back functionalities, support for fully encrypted disks on terminals, an updated version of KIWI, and many other enhancements.

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