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SUSE CaaS (Container as a Service) Platform is an application development and hosting platform for container applications and services that enables customers to provision, manage, and scale container-based applications and services.

SUSE CaaS Platform consists of 3 key components:

  • Orchestration (Kubernetes)

  • OS for Microservices & Containers (SUSE MicroOS)

  • Configuration (Salt)

SUSE CaaS Platform uses open source Kubernetes to provide production grade container orchestration at scale. Kubernetes provides a complete solution for container based workloads, along with features such as self-healing that enables auto-starting, re-scheduling and replicating containers with ease.

Kubernetes is integrated with the optimized container and microservices Operating System – SUSE MicroOS to provide a unified system that is easy to setup and use. SUSE CaaS Platform takes away the complexity in setting up and deploying Kubernetes.

SUSE MicroOS is a single purpose Operating System, designed for microservices & containers and optimized for large deployments. The word “Micro” in MicroOS signifies microservices. The MicroOS inherits the SUSE Linux Enterprise knowledge while redefining the operating system into a purpose-built, efficient and reliable distribution. As a result, your containerized apps can benefit from enterprise grade se­curity and performance of underlying OS.

SUSE CaaS Platform uses open source Salt to automate the cluster at scale. Salt provides a scalable, fast and secure way of communicating with systems in real time.


For quick installation instructions, find our documentation available online at the SUSE Documentation pages.

For further information regarding this release, see the SUSE CaaS Platform Release Notes.

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