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It's time to make the move to SUSE Linux Enterprise, the world's best engineered Linux platform. Your success depends on having the best possible migration plan. Let the SUSE experts, with our deep technical knowledge and best practices, help you design and implement the cost-effective, reliable and secure solution that meets your business priorities.

Working with your team, experienced SUSE data center experts will help you with:

  • Inventory
  • Prioritization
  • Financial Analysis
  • Customized Roadmap

Work with an experienced, professional team that knows how to apply a wealth of business strategy knowledge, technical expertise, and proven methodologies to the needs and requirements of your business. Along with our partners, we have developed a uniform and effective methodology for successfully migrating customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise from:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Sun Solaris

Engagement Details

Establish the business needs for the solution and define the high-level project scope by identifying your business drivers and needs. Engage SUSE IT consulting for your Linux Migration Assessment and let us help you with:

Inventory and prioritization

Using our methods and tools, we can provide a clear view of your hardware, software and infrastructure. This information will be leveraged to prioritize porting candidates and build a roadmap for your migration. Prioritizing the migration of components based on risk, complexity and opportunity allows you to obtain the greatest benefits in the shortest amount of time. Our experts can work within your hardware and software refresh cycles to minimize migration costs and reduce the impact on your organization.

Financial analysis

Our consultants will assist you in identifying your return on investment (ROI) and reducing your time to value. As with any complex IT project, it is critical to track anticipated benefits versus recognized benefits. By documenting the projected ROI, we create a baseline against which we can measure your success.

Customized roadmap

Organizations that have a concrete plan and roadmap before beginning their migration program see the best results in the shortest amount of time. Our professionals leverage the inventory and prioritization work to build a roadmap that is tailored to your organization and that is designed to avoid scope-creep and diversions. With this roadmap, you will be well prepared for your core build. Depending on your needs, your roadmap can cover:

Architectural considerations—We will help you document critical architectural considerations before the migration process so you can fully leverage the capabilities provided with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Monitoring and patching—During the migration strategy, we will provide recommendations for any necessary monitoring and patching solution that will work well with your current infrastructure.


We will help you leverage the dramatic benefits of virtualization, including reduced costs, simplified disaster recovery, high availability, increased agility and more. With the emergence of several hypervisor technologies, you now have a choice between VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Xen. Regardless of which you choose, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the "perfect guest" operating system for virtual deployments.

High availability

We can also help you implement robust high availability (HA) clustering capabilities from SUSE, including automated failover, a clustered file system, clustered logical volume management and data replication.


Migration assessment provides:

  • Prioritization and sequencing of migration candidates
  • Return on Investment definition
  • An implementation roadmap
  • Customized implementation plan

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