What does the shift of SAP S/4HANA mean to your enterprise infrastructure?

SAP HANA delivers the real-time operations with reduced complexity that you need for the digital economy, but the shift to SAP S/4HANA means a transformation to a Linux-based SAP infrastructure.

SAP and SUSE have partnered for several years now to bring you the ideal SAP infrastructure for speed, stability and security. You’ve made a significant investment in time and resources to ensure that it meets your need for growth and efficiency.

SUSE is proud to be the open, open source company, allowing you to integrate SAP S/4HANA and Linux into your existing infrastructure. Simplifying your migration reduces time, money and risk. Read how your move to Linux doesn’t have to be complex.


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SUSE、業界初のオープンソース・コンテナセキュリティ・プラットフォーム NeuVectorをリリース


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The Best Reason to move your SAP workloads to Google Cloud with SUSE

There are many technical reasons to move your SA…

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最先端であると同時に信頼性が高いパワフルなテクノロジーを想像してみてください。  明日の戦略を進化させる自由を…