Downtime is never an option

Maximize SAP uptime with modern technology. Avoid disruptions, manual failovers, and high costs. Achieve near-100% uptime in your SAP environment.

  • Eliminate the Patching Paradox
  • Leverage Automation and Management Tools
  • Visibility and validate best practices
  • Deliver innovative SUSE solutions
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Choosing the right infrastructure is critical

Choose SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications. A highly-secure, open-source OS for SAP workloads, on any platform or cloud provider. Minimize downtime with stability and high availability features.

  • Minimizing system downtime
  • Maximizing service availability
  • Automation reducing human error
  • Select best HA and DR solutions
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Manage your SAP environment

Minimize downtime with SAP operation automation

One console to manage and monitor all your Linux distros wherever they are located. SUSE Manager offers one-click automation for provisioning, patching, and configuration, which leads to faster, consistent, and repeatable server employment.

Solve the Patching Paradox

Keep your servers patched without downtime

When downtime is not acceptable, most organizations face the Patching Paradox. Keeping servers unpatched is not an option, but patching could result in downtime and a high operational cost. SUSE secures SAP from the platform’s core with live patching and high availability solutions.

Secure SAP

Zero downtime starts with a Secure SAP Platform

Only the most secure SAP platform enables uninterrupted SAP service, combining security and maximum reliability. Prevent outages caused by security breaches and secure your SAP infrastructure with built-in security features for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments.

Discover and Monitor

Safeguard SAP systems from costly risks

Avoid common infrastructure problems with SAP systems that can result in delayed service implementations or unplanned downtime. Prevent unplanned outages and speed up SAP systems configuration by eliminating errors which reduces troubleshooting time.