Kubernetes is an open source system for automatically orchestrating and managing containerized applications.

Designing applications using open source Linux containers is an ideal approach for building cloud-native applications for hosting in private, public or hybrid clouds. Kubernetes automates the deployment, management and scaling of these containerized applications, making the whole process easier, faster and more efficient.

Businesses of all types are looking for a new paradigm to drive faster innovation and agility. This is changing forever how applications are architected, deployed, scaled and managed to deliver new levels of innovation and agility. Kubernetes has become widely embraced by almost everyone interested in dramatically accelerating application delivery with containerized and cloud-native workloads.

Kubernetes is now seen as the outright market leader by software developers, operations teams, DevOps professionals and IT business decision makers.

How to Choose the Right Kubernetes Platform
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Kubernetes was originally the brainchild of Google. Google has been building and managing container-based applications and cloud-native workloads in production and at scale for well over a decade. Kubernetes emerged from the knowledge and experience gained with earlier Google container management systems called Borg and Omega.

Now an open source project, Kubernetes is under the stewardship of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and The Linux Foundation. This ensures that the project benefits from the best ideas and practices from a huge open source community and makes sure the danger of vendor lock-in is avoided.

Key Features

  • Deploy applications rapidly and predictably to private, public or hybrid clouds
  • Scale applications non-disruptively
  • Roll out new features seamlessly
  • Lean and efficient use of computing resources
  • Keep production applications up and running with self-healing capabilities

SUSE believes Kubernetes will be a key element of the application delivery solutions needed to drive the enterprise business of the future. Here is a selection of SUSE products built using Kubernetes:

SUSE Cloud Application Platform

SUSE Cloud Application Platform brings advanced Cloud Foundry productivity to modern Kubernetes infrastructure, helping software development and operations teams to streamline lifecycle management of traditional and new cloud-native applications. Building on SUSE Container as a Service Platform, SUSE Cloud Application Platform adds a unique Kubernetes-based implementation of Cloud Foundry, introducing a powerful DevOps workflow into a Kubernetes environment. Built on enterprise-grade Linux and with full Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes certification, it is an outstanding platform to support the entire development lifecycle for traditional and new cloud-native applications.

SUSE Cloud Application Platform

SUSE Container as a Service Platform is a certified Kubernetes software distribution. It provides an enterprise-class container management solution that enables IT and DevOps professionals to more easily deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications and services. Using SUSE Container as a Service Platform, enterprises can reduce application delivery cycle times and improve business agility.