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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open source system for automatically managing and orchestrating containerized applications.

Designing applications using open source Linux containers is an ideal approach for building cloud-native applications for hosting in private, public or hybrid clouds. Kubernetes automates the deployment, management and scaling of these applications, making the whole process easier, faster and more efficient.

With modern businesses looking for a new paradigm to drive innovation, it's no surprise that Kubernetes has rapidly grown in popularity. It is now seen as the market leader by both software developers and IT business decision makers.

Kubernetes Heritage

Originally the brain child of Google, who have been developing and managing applications built using Linux containers for well over a decade. They were the pioneer for developing and using containers for cloud-native workloads in production and at scale. Kubernetes was honed using the knowledge and experience Google gained with earlier container management systems called Borg and Omega.

As an open source project, Kubernetes is now under the stewardship of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) and the Linux Foundation. This ensures that the project benefits from the best ideas and practices from a huge open source community and makes sure the danger of vendor lock-in is avoided.

Key Features

  • Deploying applications rapidly and predictably to private, public or hybrid clouds
  • Scaling applications non-disruptively
  • Rolling out new features seamlessly
  • The lean use of compute resources
  • Keeping production applications up and running with a self-healing architecture

SUSE and Kubernetes

SUSE believes Kubernetes is a key element of an Application Delivery appraoch. Built on top of a Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI), Kubernetes will be needed to drive the enterprise business of the future.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud includes full support for Kubernetes delivered via SUSE CaaS Platform. SUSE CaaS Platform is built using Kubernetes to deliver an easy to use solution for the development and hosting of container applications and services. It is the ideal platform for DevOps initiatives and advanced application lifecycle management. With this Kubernetes-as-a-Service capability, it's no wonder that OpenStack users are reported to be adopting containers 3 times faster than the rest of the enterprise market.

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