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The adoption of cloud computing continues to rapidly accelerate, driven by fast-changing technology trends and customer demand for new services. Cloud technology is helping businesses develop new, innovative and agile solutions to meet the challenges of our on-demand, interconnected world.

Cloud computing provides convenient, on-demand access to shared pools of computing resources. It offers businesses new ways of developing, deploying and operating their IT solutions, helping improve efficiency, reduce costs or rebalance Capex and Opex expenditure. The right cloud strategy can deliver the flexibility and scalability to respond quickly to new demands and drive growth, while also providing a convenient path to IT modernization.

What is the right strategy for your business?

A number of choices are available, including public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud offerings. Many businesses have adopted a multi-cloud approach with a mixture of these options. Watch the cloud fundamentals video for a high-level overview of public, private and hybrid cloud options

Let a SUSE cloud specialist help you choose.

Private Cloud
Public Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
Private Cloud

Conquer Business Challenges with OpenStack Private Cloud

A private cloud is provisioned for the exclusive use of a single organization, usually within its own firewall. It keeps security within the control of your business, making it easier to manage data sovereignty, compliance and regulatory requirements.

OpenStack is the ideal Software-defined Infrastructure (SDI) for developing new, innovative business workloads, for DevOps initiatives or for transforming traditional data centers. It provides a feature-rich private cloud to future-proof your IT investment, reduce costs, improve efficiency and drive growth.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is the enterprise-ready open source private cloud that delivers the improved agility, innovation and faster time to value needed to conquer today’s competitive, market and business challenges. It’s the production-ready OpenStack platform for bare metal, virtualized or cloud-native applications, as well as hosting or migrating traditional or business-critical workloads.

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Public Cloud

SUSE Solutions on Public Cloud—Reshaping the Economics of IT

Public clouds are managed and operated by cloud service providers for the shared use of numerous organizations. Over recent years, they have helped to re-shape the IT economic landscape. Examples include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

SUSE products for public clouds are engineered to extend the best-in-class SUSE open source enterprise solutions to the public cloud delivery model, helping accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation on a global scale.

SUSE Solutions on Public Cloud enable you to:

  • Accelerate innovation and time to market by combining enterprise open source solutions with the industry-leading, hyper-scale public cloud platforms and services
  • Enhance business agility and competitiveness at the new velocity of digital business without compromising on the level of reliability, availability and security your organization’s workload demands
  • Easy access to secure and scalable enterprise open source solutions that are optimized for on-demand deployment of preconfigured SUSE images
  • Optimize how you deliver IT with the transformative economics of a pay-as-you-go, utility-consumption model
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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud—Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Many organizations have already adopted a multi-cloud strategy and are looking for the optimum mix of private and public cloud services that is the best fit for their business.

Hybrid cloud solutions provide common access to these mixed cloud resources, ideally controlled through a single management environment. Adoption of hybrid cloud is expected to increase rapidly with more organizations needing to dynamically move workloads between different cloud services as requirements changes and looking for more elasticity in times of peak demand.

Talk to a SUSE cloud specialist about your requirements.

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