In an increasingly software-driven economy, the ability to quickly adapt is vital for organizations looking to prosper. To be more nimble, winning businesses today are working aggressively to shrink application delivery cycle times from months to weeks, weeks to days, even days to hours. And they are embracing container technologies and cloud native application architectures and processes to help deliver the transformation they need.

Application delivery platforms are designed to handle the heavy lifting involved in deploying and managing next-generation containerized workloads. Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, they free up your application development and operations teams to do what they do best. The result is that new code can be released faster and more efficiently, boosting business agility and innovation.

It’s no surprise that open source technologies such as Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry are at the heart of leading enterprise-grade application delivery platforms. SUSE is committed to building solutions using these industry-leading technologies to help enterprises transform the way they deliver applications today.

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Fast, Easy and Secure Container Management

More than half of all organizations are expected to be running containerized applications in production in the near future. Facilitating this growth are solid, reliable and secure container management platforms that deploy, orchestrate and manage these new workloads. Among container management options, Kubernetes has quickly become the stand-out leader.

While it’s possible to build your own Kubernetes environment using freely available open source code, the task can be time-consuming and complex. You’d be on your own, from initial installation and configuration through many years of ongoing operation and maintenance. And with Kubernetes in its own cycle of rapid advancement, you could find it difficult to keep up.

If you’re serious about accelerating application delivery, you’ll want a ready-to-use Kubernetes distribution that gets you up and running quickly and easily. It should integrate smoothly with your existing infrastructure, systems, tools and processes. Once up and running, it will need to be highly available, secure and able to easily grow or adapt to meet changing business demands over time—all without disrupting the workloads running on it.

SUSE CaaS Platform may be the Kubernetes-based container management solution you need. It can automatically deploy, run, manage and scale your container-based applications and is also fast and easy to install, operate, and maintain.

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Rapid End-to-End Application Delivery

Rapid End-to-End Application Delivery

When it comes to delivering applications rapidly and at scale, it’s time to take productivity and efficiency to the next level. By adding complete lifecycle automation into your Kubernetes environment, you’ll deliver an outstanding experience for your developers.

Taking a Do-It-Yourself approach with Kubernetes, you can extend your existing development tool chains and processes to support container-based applications. You’ll design workflows, construct and configure pipelines of technologies to implement the workflows, and stitch the pieces together with custom integration scripting. While the approach can be complex, it is very flexible and allows you to tailor lifecycle automation to meet the specific needs of any application.

To deliver cloud native applications fast and at scale, you’ll be better off adding a ready-made cloud native workflow into your Kubernetes environment. You’ll be up and running quickly, and your solution will be easy to maintain. Since cloud native applications are designed to be managed in a generic way, you won’t need to support lots of variability in your delivery process. Instead, you can push all of your cloud native applications through one, standardized workflow, driving speed, efficiency, and consistency across the enterprise.

With the ultimate goal of providing a smooth DevOps experience for a range of containerized applications, most enterprises find both custom-built and pre-defined automation approaches to be useful. You probably will too.

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