Drive Open Innovation with SUSE and Microsoft Azure

Whether you are optimizing business processes or disrupting an entire industry, innovation is at the heart of most enterprises today. To innovate well, you need a reliable, performant platform that offers up to 99.9999% availability and provides seamless, high-quality support.

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Radical innovation –
the SUSE and Microsoft way

Innovation without a rock-solid platform can lead to loss of time and revenue. So, it makes sense to partner with the technology leaders who have innovation at the heart of their partnership.

SUSE has a history of many firsts with Microsoft Azure: We were the first to optimize a kernel for Azure, the first to deploy

SAP HANA, and the first to offer Software Reservation discounts in the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 is a multimodal operating system with an Azure-tuned kernel that paves the way for IT transformation.


Optimized for the Intelligent Cloud

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 on-demand instances now runs on a custom-tuned kernel for workloads on Microsoft Azure and provides enhanced performance and faster boot speeds along with a decreased memory footprint. This means that you get faster access to new Azure features as they are made available.


Committed to Customer Choice

Depending on the workload, you can experience up to 102% ROI by moving to Azure.1 Further control costs by reserving instances for specific SUSE Linux Enterprise Server images. You can reserve instances for the following SUSE products:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with 24x7 Integrated Support
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Sever for SAP Applications with 24x7 Integrated Support SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Performance Computing with 24x7 Integrated Support

Reliability and Efficiency for the Enterprise

You can be confident in the agility and performance of Azure-based workloads when SUSE is your platform. SUSE on Azure offers up to 99.9999% availability and security which is infused from the kernel to the edge1. Microsoft and SUSE offer collocated support resources so you can resolve issues by logging a single ticket.

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Ivar Lyse | Business Manager | Altran
" Putting the solution on Azure removed a whole layer of complexity and cost. We didn’t need to invest in our own dedicated server hardware, and we can easily and cost-effectively scale up the solution. "

Joint Solutions

SUSE and Microsoft embrace the power of communities. Our joint solutions are performance-driven, flexible and enterprise-tested to ensure you experience unparalleled availability and scalability in complex and hybrid environments.