Achieve Nonstop IT

Achieve the highest levels of continuous IT performance to increase efficiency and minimize risk

Your agency depends on the availability and performance of your IT solutions to optimize your mission-critical environments. Reach your reliability goals with Linux solutions, scalable automation, data redundancy and premium support services. With the ability to fix problems on the fly, maintain continuity of critical systems, and direct access to specialized support experts, your agency will be able to enhance its reliability, productivity and responsiveness.

Make IT interruptions and unplanned downtime a thing of the past

Delivering nonstop IT means your organization can maintain continuous operations of core functions, and provide reliable services and seamless interactions between agencies and citizens. Service interruptions can affect your ability to meet mission critical demands and operate efficiently. In a government environment, downtime is simply not an option.

SUSE delivers high availability IT solutions through converged infrastructure using Linux and scalable automation. To support the important goal of meeting mission requirements quickly without interruption of service, you can replicate application data across multiple clusters to recover faster. And we deliver the power to apply kernel fixes and upgrade systems without interrupting service so you can modernize your infrastructure, while keeping your systems secure.

Run and modernize your critical IT systems with confidence

Recover without interruption

Losing access to any of your systems can have a big impact, especially in a critical, federal IT environment. Now it is simpler than ever to maintain your IT operations and deliver on your agency’s mission.

SUSE’s High Availability solutions help you run without interruption, gain resilience and recover faster by protecting data assets using your existing IT infrastructure. High availability clustering automates application and data recovery with a flexible, cost-effective solution that eliminates single points of failure. In the event of a fault or failure, the workload is transferred to another server, or the application automatically restarts on a working system. Couple our high-availability software with direct, named access to premium engineers and you have a solution that is truly mission-critical.

Fix and update on live systems

Modernizing your IT environment is a priority to improve service delivery to the public, secure sensitive systems and data, and save taxpayer dollars. Traditionally, IT has had to weigh tradeoffs between updating infrastructure versus the costs associated with it, and the risk of failure.

SUSE Live Patching across multiple architectures is an innovation driven by SUSE that eliminates this tradeoff so you can drive your agency’s missions, improve organizational continuity, all while reducing costs. You can apply patches to your Linux kernel while applications run, and without rebooting your system. This helps you avoid interrupting critical processes – such as running SAP solutions, artificial intelligence applications and analytics on top of big data, and database applications. See the benefits of maximizing uptime while also enhancing security and compliance.

Run and modernize your critical IT systems with confidence


Learn how SUSE can help you deliver high-availability IT that delivers uninterrupted access to critical systems and infrastructure

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Transform your approach


We deliver a range of high-availability solutions that make it easy for you to maintain the IT continuity your organization depends on


SUSE Live Patching is a SUSE-driven innovation that enables you to keep your systems up-to-date for security and stability, without unnecessary downtime


We offer a range of services – from aligning business and IT objectives to developing a clear roadmap through access to named professionals – to help you achieve and maintain nonstop IT

    Customer Success

    Appriss achieves reduced downtime while cutting costs by $80,000

    • Improved security—with 4-hour patching time for 500–600 servers
    • Greater operational efficiency and less downtime risk
    • Reduced patching time for all servers

    Baldor Electric, now ABB, gains 90% improvement in uptime with 30% lower hardware and software costs

    • 90% consolidation of servers results in lower space requirements, cooling and power costs
    • Cuts administrative costs in half
    • Provides a robust implementation for SAP, with unsurpassed reliability

    Ciclum Farma delivers 100% uptime for mission-critical SAP applications

    • Reduces IT operating costs by 50% through virtualization
    • Cost-effective growth through use of virtual machines
    • Delivers business continuity in event of server failures

See the difference with SUSE High Availability Solutions

SUSE Linux High Availability

An industry-leading, easy-to-use, open source high-availability clustering system designed to virtually eliminate unplanned downtime in both physical and virtual environments.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time

An open source, real-time operating system designed to reduce latency and increase the predictability and reliability of time-sensitive, business-critical applications.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching

A cutting-edge technology that applies patches to your Linux kernel without rebooting your system to improve business continuity, reduce downtimes, and enhance security and compliance.

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SUSE Premium Support Services

Go beyond product support and ensure business continuity with direct access to named technical and business professionals who know you, your business and your IT Infrastructure.

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