Open Source Software Defined Storage in Academic Environments

Academic IT environments are often the most advanced users of technology. Given the research nature of those environments, they often have to push the boundaries of technology to the edge. Hence open source technologies fit really well in those environments. They can customize such solutions to fit their exact needs. Open source solutions are also less expensive than proprietary solutions which fits with the cost constraints of such environments.

Affordable data storage without expensive proprietary hardware

The demand for additional data storage is growing too fast for traditional storage options to continue to be an affordable solution. Continuing down this path means you'll be forced to increase your budget dramatically in order to keep up with your data needs. However, there is another answer—SUSE Enterprise Storage. This intelligent software-defined storage solution, powered by Ceph technology, enables you to transform your storage infrastructure and reduce costs while providing unlimited scalability. The result is an affordable and easy-to-manage enterprise storage solution.

Benefits of SUSE Enterprise Storage:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Simplify Management
  • Adapt Quickly
  • Scale Easily

SUSE Enterprise Storage fits the university IT needs well. Whether it’s the central IT department providing services to the entire university system, or an individual department that needs storage for their researchers they can use this open source solution in a variety of use cases. A few example use cases include Disk to Disk Backup, HPC Storage, Genomics Data Repository, and File Sharing.

Change Your Storage Game


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