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Reduce network administration costs and improve operational efficiencies due to the advanced reliability and security of SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Continuous uptime is critical in a retail environment—customers have little patience to wait in a checkout line while the cash register reboots. SUSE Linux Enterprise was designed from the ground up to run complex processes quickly, without crashing. Linux runs critical functions in a way that prevents "buggy" programs from causing your computer to become unstable and crash. As a result, computers–both legacy and new–have longer uptimes, which improves service for your customers and lowers your administration costs.

For many retailers, Windows' security issues are a serious concern. There is a proven alternative for retailers. The strong security of Linux, like its reliability, comes from its advanced design. Unlike Windows, which typically gives applications and users access to the Windows kernel, SUSE Linux Enterprise creates a strong wall of separation between the kernel and users. Each layer of Linux has limited access to the others, which reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your system and data.

In addition, as you can build very small images for SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, the danger of malicious attacks is much smaller. What's more, the communication between the servers is encrypted and uses security certificates.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service enables for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard support. And it ships with all security tools delivered with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, like VPN, Secure Shell, integrated firewall, and more.

Last, but not least, unlike competing POS operating systems, SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service is based on an open source, proven and up–to–date server operating system.