Product Description

SUSE OpenStack Cloud is an enterprise-ready OpenStack distribution that accelerates deployment of highly available, mixed-hypervisor IaaS Clouds. Backed by the excellence of SUSE engineering, quality assurance and support, SUSE OpenStack Cloud leverages existing data center investments to help enterprises increase business agility, economically scale current IT capabilities and easily integrate upstream innovation.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud comes in two flavors:

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 CLM is the default and uses the Cloud Lifecycle Manager (CLM). CLM comes with several advantages like template-based cloud definition with a built-in configuration checker, version control of cloud configurations using the industry standard git SCCS, and flexibility to extensively modify cloud configurations without requiring a cloud redeployment.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8 Crowbar is the continuation of prior SUSE OpenStack Cloud releases and uses the Crowbar Lifecycle Manager

Product Overview

SUSE OpenStack Cloud enables organizations to set-up and manage their own private clouds and comprises the following components:

  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Deployment Server: The SUSE OpenStack Cloud Deployment Server sets up the cloud and configures and provisions the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control, Compute and Storage nodes.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Node: SUSE OpenStack Cloud Control Nodes host the cloud’s self-service portal, image repository and other OpenStack services. They also automatically track resource state within the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute and Storage nodes, evaluating available capacity and deploying workloads.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute Nodes: SUSE OpenStack Cloud Compute Nodes are the physical servers managed by SUSE OpenStack Cloud. Compute nodes either host SUSE Linux Enterprise Server KVM virtual machines or integrate with VMware vCenter to host ESXi workloads.
  • SUSE OpenStack Cloud Swift Storage Nodes: SUSE OpenStack Cloud Swift Storage Nodes are the physical servers managed by SUSE OpenStack Cloud to host object storage using Swift.

System Requirements

System Requirements for Cloud Lifecycle Manager based installations can be found in the Planning an Installation with Cloud Lifecycle Manager Guide.

Minimum System Requirements for Crowbar based installations can be found in the Deploying with Crowbar Guide.


SUSE OpenStack Cloud is available for download for the x86_64 platform.

DVD1 contains the binary packages, DVD2 the source code, and DVD3 the debug packages.

For the installation with Cloud Lifecycle Manager, only SUSE-OPENSTACK-CLOUD-8-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso is needed.

For the installation with Crowbar, only SUSE-OPENSTACK-CLOUD-CROWBAR-8-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso is needed.


For CLM-based installations, read the Planning an Installation with Cloud Lifecycle Manager Guide and the Installing with Cloud Lifecycle Manager Guide. Both guides assist in planning the required hardware resources and provide step-by-step guidance in installing the Cloud.

For Crowbar-based installations, consult the Deployment Guide which provides detailed, step-by-step instructions.


SUSE OpenStack Cloud comes with twelve guides, available under the docu directory on the DVD1 image or online at

SUSE OpenStack Cloud with CLM comes with:

SUSE OpenStack Cloud with Crowbar comes with:

  • The Deployment Guide gives an introduction to the SUSE OpenStack Cloud architecture, lists the requirements, and describes how to set up, deploy, and maintain the individual components.
  • The OpenStack Administrator Guide describes the management of projects and users, images, flavors, quotas, and networks.
  • The OpenStack End User Guide describes how to manage images, instances, networks, volumes, and track usage.
  • The Supplement to Admin User Guide and End User Guide contains additional information for admin users and end users guides that is specific to SUSE OpenStack Cloud.
  • The Monitoring Overview Guide gives you an introduction about SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring.
  • The Monitoring Service Operator's Guide describes how install, operate, and maintain SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring.
  • The OpenStack Operator's Guide is for operators who use SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring for monitoring their OpenStack platform and requires expert knowledge of OpenStack.

Additional Information

For further information regarding this release, see the SUSE OpenStack Cloud Release Notes.