Business Integrity & Success

SUSE’s compliance policies, governance framework and integrated risk management processes help us govern effectively as we grow our business. We are committed to effective and transparent governance to ensure integrity in the way we do business.

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Trust Matters

SUSE’s success in employee, social and environment matters is supported by a commitment to business integrity, keeping us compliant and ethical in how we conduct business.

This includes stronger policies and commitments to sustainable procurement, privacy and data security. 

Governance & Compliance

  • SUSE’s Management Board, made up of our CEO and CFO, determines our strategic direction and ensures our ESG strategy is aligned and implemented appropriately. 

  • As part of a dual management system, our Supervisory Board advises and oversees the Management Board and its strategy for long-term value creation. 

  • Our Code of Business Ethics (COBE) sets out standards of conduct expected, without exception, of everyone who works for SUSE. It is directly linked to our values and helps us operate our business in a socially and ethically sound manner. 

Privacy & Data Security

  • The security and privacy of our customers are of the utmost importance to SUSE. 

  • Cyber attacks are increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, and SUSE considers cyber attacks to be our most material risk. 

  • In response, SUSE’s cybersecurity team has been expanded, and we have an IT and Cyber Security Committee that assesses current and future cyber security risks alongside SUSE’s defenses. 

Sustainable Procurement

  • The security and resilience of our supply chain is vital to SUSE’s success. 

  • SUSE’s procurement processes are informed by our Supplier Code of Business Ethics which asks suppliers to confirm they have appropriate policies in place that comply with local laws. 

  • SUSE is introducing more sustainable procurement guidelines and extending the current checks to our suppliers’ social, health and environmental impacts.