Recommended update for s3fs

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for s3fs
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2018:3938-1
Rating: moderate
References: #1111267
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 12

An update that has one recommended fix can now be installed.


This update of s3fs to version 1.84 brings many fixes and improvements, including:

  • Require fuse package on runtime to allow mounting with systemd, mount command or /etc/fstab (bsc#1111267)

  • Changes in version 1.84: * Update with details about .passwd-s3fs. * Add disk space reservation. * Added Cygwin build options. * Reduce lock contention on file open. * Don't fail multirequest on single thread error. * Add an instance_name option for logging. * More useful error message for dupe entries in passwd file. * Cleanup curl handle state on retries. * Don't fail mkdir when directory exists. * Fix xpath selector in bucket listing. * Validate the URL format for http/https. * Added reset curl handle when returning to handle pool. * Optimize defaults. * Upgrade to S3Proxy 1.6.0. * Cleanup curl handles before curl share. * Remove false multihead warnings. * Remove s3fs-python. * Fixed memory leak. * Revert "enable FUSE read_sync by default". * Option for IAM authentication endpoint. * gnutls_auth: Initialize libgcrypt. * Log messages for 5xx and 4xx HTTP response code. * Instructions for SUSE and openSUSE prebuilt packages. * Added list_object_max_keys option based on #783 PR.

  • Changes in version 1.83: * Fix chown_nocopy losing existing uid/gid if unspecified. * Group permission checks can fail with large number of groups. * Upgrade to S3Proxy 1.5.3. * Add blurb about non-Amazon S3 implementations. * Fixed potential atomic violation in S3fsCurl::AddUserAgent. * Fixed with unnecessary equal in POST uploads url argument. * Configure S3Proxy for SSL. * Simplify S3Proxy PID handling. * Fix s3fs_init message. * Don't fail updating directory when removing old-style object. * Refixed s3fs_init message. * Lock FdEntity when mutating orgmeta. * Auth headers insertion refactoring. * Add IBM IAM authentication support. * Fixed a bug in S3fsCurl::LocateBundle. * Add support for ECS metadata endpoint. * Reduce use of preprocessor. * Move str definition from header to implementation. * Changed functions about reading passwd file. * Correct signedness warning. * Remove use of jsoncpp. * Improved use of temporary files. * Added option ecs description to man page. * Updated template md files for issue and pr. * Fix condition for parallel download. * Fixing race condition in FdEntity::GetStats. * Fix dbglevel usage.

  • Changes in version 1.82: * Do not fallback to HTTP.

  • Changes in version 1.81: * Include location constraint when creating bucket. * Correct search and replace typo. * Handled all curl error without exiting process. * Fix for leaks during stat cache entry expiry / truncation. * Add mirror file logic for removing cache file. * Added fuse package for mounting via /etc/fstab. * Accept mount options compatible with mtab. * Changed for accepting mount options compatible with mtab. * Fixed a bug that would not copy file mode from original file. * Added use_xattr option. * OS-specific correspondence of the extended attribute header. * Trim symbolic link original path in file. * Split header debugging onto multiple lines for easier reading. * Fixed searching Content-Length without case sensitive. * Changed headers_t map using nocase compare function. * Fix invalid V4 signature on multipart copy requests. * Upgrade to S3Proxy 1.5.1. * Add missing call to mtime test. * Use describe helper function. * Correct typos. * Use server-provided ETag during complete upload. * Fixed a bug about uploading NULL to some part of the file contents. * Changed clock_gettime func to s3fs_clock_gettime for homebrew. * Added issue and PR templates. * Update s3fs.1 - removed duplicated word. * Added links for eventual consistency in * Upgrade to S3Proxy 1.5.2. * Address cppcheck 1.77 warnings. * Changed base cached time of stat_cache_expire option. * Fixed double initialization of SSL library at foreground. * Add umount instruction for unprivileged user. * Updated stat_cache_expire option description. * Switch S3fsMultiCurl to use foreground threads. * Add TLS cipher suites customization. * Cleanup cache directory when running out of disk space. * Do not sign empty headers (as they are discarded). * Fix multipart upload handling without cache. * Added check_cache_dir_exist option. * Fixed a bug in logic about truncating stat cache. * Fixed a bug about multipart uploading at no free space. * Do not send ACL unless overridden. * Added option for complementing lack of stat mode. * Refactored the get_object_attribute function. * Added notsup_compat_dir option. * Enhanced bucket/path parameter check. * Check errors returned in 200 OK responses for put header request. * Updated limit object size in s3fs man page. * Fixed failure to upload/copy with SSE_C and SSE_KMS. * Default transport to HTTPS. * Updated man page for default_acl option. * Backward compatible for changing default transport to HTTPS. * Check bucket at public bucket and add nocopyapi option automatically.

  • Changes in version 1.80: * Parse ETag from copy multipart correctly. * Fix a memory leak in openssl_auth.cpp:s3fs_sha256hexsum. * Override install, so that the make install does not install rename_before_close under /test. * Address Coverity errors. * Test removing a non-empty directory. * Compare idiomatically. * Annotate constructors as explicit. * Convert rename_before_close to a shell script. * Rewrite AutoLock. * Always hold stat_cache_lock when using stat_cache. * Remove IntToStr. * Update README. * Plug leak during complete multipart upload. * Refactor tests into individual functions. * Enable all cppcheck rules. * Update stale Google Code reference in --help. * Enable Content-MD5 during multipart upload part. * Run cppcheck during Travis builds. * Elide duplicate lookups of std::map via iterators. * Unlock during early return in TruncateCache. * Base64 cleanup. * Silence wget. * s3fs can print version with short commit hash. * Skip xattr tests if utilities are missing. * Fixed an issue with caching when the creation of a subdirectory. * Added chacking cache dir perms at starting. * Add no atomic rename to limitations. * Update Bugfix password file permissions errors. * Update to better explain mount upon boot. * Correct help timeouts. * Allow integration testing against Amazon S3. * Added the _netdev option to the fstab example. * Use not localhost in s3proxy wait loop. * Add support for standard_ia storage class. * Modified man page for storage_class option. * Add support for SSE KMS. * Add support for object which is larger than free disk space. * Add test for symlink. * Fixed a bug about head request(copy) for SSE. * Print source file in log messages. * File opened with O_TRUNC is not flushed. * Fix a small spelling issue. * File opened with O_TRUNC is not flushed. * Fix syslog level used by S3FS_PRN_EXIT(). * Fixed a bug about mtime. * Fix read concurrency to work in parallel count. * Fix pthread portability problem. * Changed ensure free disk space. * Check pthread portability in configure. * Change error log to debug log in s3fs_read(). * Clean up mount point on errors in s3fs_init(). * Delete stat cache entry in s3fs_fsync so st_size is refreshed. * Add goofys to references. * Fix v4 signature with use_path_request_style. * Correct multiple issues with GET and v4 signing. * Pass by const reference where possible. * Address various clang warnings. * Bucket host should include port and not path. * Update for fstab. * Fixed a bug about IAMCRED type could not be retried.. * Updated for fstab example. * Fix the memory leak issue in fdcache. * Fix empty directory check against AWS S3. * Integration test summary, continue on error. * Changed cache out logic for stat. * Check cache directory path and attributes. * Remove stat file cache dir if specified del_cache. * Supported regex type for additional header format. * Remove optional parameter from Content-Type header. * Fix clock_gettime autotools detection on Linux. * Checked content-type by no case-sensitivity. * Always set stats cache for opened file. * Fixed a bug about etag comparison in stats cache, etc. * Test for writing after an lseek past end of file. * Fixed writing sparsed file. * Supported User-Agent header. * Fix a bug of truncating empty file. * Add curl handler pool to reuse connections. * Fixed 'load_sse_c' option not working. * Allow duplicate key in ahbe_conf. * Loading IAM role name automatically (iam_role option). * Fixed a bug about stat_cache_expire. * Skip early credential checks when iam_role=auto. * Fixes for iam_role=auto.

Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 12:
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-Module-Public-Cloud-12-2018-2810=1

Package List:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Module for Public Cloud 12 (aarch64 ppc64le s390x x86_64):
    • s3fs-1.84-4.3.2
    • s3fs-debuginfo-1.84-4.3.2
    • s3fs-debugsource-1.84-4.3.2