Recommended update for mdadm

SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for mdadm
Announcement ID: SUSE-RU-2018:1654-1
Rating: low
References: #1032802 #1081910 #808647 #881530 #882634 #887773 #923920 #926517 #926767 #937363 #939748 #943028 #953595 #956236 #966773 #974154
Affected Products:
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 12-SP1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP1-LTSS

  • An update that has 16 recommended fixes can now be installed.


    This update for mdadm provides the backporting of some critical fixes from
    upstream, and replace some existing patches with their upstream
    counterpart (bsc#1081910). The following fixes are included:

    - Grow: Followup fix for a problem that reshape fails to continue after
    restart on IMSM RAID array. (bsc#881530)
    - mdmon: Ensure Unix domain socket is created with safe permissions.
    - IMSM: Add a warning message when assembling a spanned container.
    - mdmon: Allow prepare_update to report failures. (bsc#1081910)
    - DDF, IMSM: Validate metadata_update size before using it. (bsc#1081910)
    - Grow: Do not try to restart if reshape is running. (bsc#887773)
    - Grow: Fix a problem that was preventing resize of arrays to 32bit size.
    - Grow: Improve error message if "--grow -n2" is used on linear arrays.
    - Assemble: Only fail auto-assemble in face of mdadm.conf conflicts.
    - config: Add a new option to suppress adding bad block lists.
    - Monitor: Stop monitoring devices that have disappeared. (bsc#1081910)
    - super1: Do not allow adding a bitmap if there is no space. (bsc#1081910)
    - Grow: Report when grow needs metadata update. (bsc#1081910)
    - Grow: Fix resizing of array components to greater than 32bits sizes/
    - imsm: Add support for OROMs shared by multiple HBAs. (fate#317456)
    - imsm: Add support for second and combined AHCI controllers in UEFI mode.
    - imsm: Add support for NVMe devices. (fate#317456)
    - imsm: Add some detail-platform improvements. (fate#317456)
    - imsm: Use efivarfs interface for reading UEFI variables. (fate#317456)
    - Monitor: Fix a regression with container devices. (bsc#1081910)
    - imsm: Simplified the support for multiple OROMs. (bsc#1081910)
    - Assemble: Fix "no uptodate device" message. (bsc#1081910)
    - Assemble: Allow a RAID4 to assemble easily when parity devices are
    missing. (bsc#926767)
    - Assemble/force: Make it possible to "force" a new device in a reshape.
    - IMSM: Count arrays per OROM. (bsc#926517)
    - Assemble: Do not check for pre-existing array when updating uuid.
    - Grow: Only warn about incompatible metadata when no fallback available.
    - Grow: Be more careful if the array is stopped during critical section.
    - Grow: Be even more careful about handing a '0' completed value.
    - Grow: Fix problem with --grow --continue. (bsc#1081910)
    - Create n bitmaps for clustered mode. (bsc#1081910)
    - Add nodes option while creating md. (bsc#1081910)
    - Set home-cluster while creating an array. (bsc#1081910)
    - Show all bitmaps while examining bitmap. (bsc#1081910)
    - Add a new clustered disk. (bsc#1081910)
    - Convert a bitmap=none device to clustered. (bsc#1081910)
    - Skip clustered devices in incremental. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Add the ability to change cluster name. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Change the number of cluster node. (bsc#1081910)
    - Assemble: Ensure stripe_cache is big enough to handle new chunk size.
    - Monitor: Don't wait forever on a 'frozen' array. (bsc#1081910)
    - Manage/stop: Guard against 'completed' being too large. (bsc#1081910)
    - Manage/stop: Don't stop during initial critical section (bsc#1081910)
    - raid6check: Report role of suspect device. (bsc#1081910)
    - raid6check: Get device ordering correct for syndrome calculation.
    - Assemble: Really ensure stripe_cache is bit enough to handle new chunk
    size. (bsc#1081910)
    - restripe: Fix data block order in raid6_2_data_recov. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Document the --homehost=any functionality. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdassemble: Add "Name" definition. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdassemble: Do not try to perform cluster check. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdassemble: Include mapfile support. (bsc#1081910)
    - super1: Do not create bad block log for clustered devices. (bsc#1081910)
    - Fix --incremental handling on cluster array. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Make cluster raid also support re-add. (bsc#1081910)
    - re-add: Make re-add try to write the sysfs node first. (bsc#1081910)
    - Show device as journal in --detail --examine. (bsc#1081910)
    - Enable create array with write journal (--write-journal DEVICE).
    - Assemble array with write journal. (bsc#1081910)
    - Check write journal in incremental. (bsc#1081910)
    - Add help message and man entry for --write-journal. (bsc#1081910)
    - Add a safeguard against writing to an active device of another node.
    - Add crc32c and use it for r5l checksum. (bsc#1081910)
    - Make sure 'path' buffer is large enough to fit 200 characters plus null
    terminator. (bsc#1081910)
    - Recreate journal in mdadm. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Allow cluster raid to also add disk within incremental mode.
    - mdadm: Output information more precisely when changing bitmap to none.
    - mdadm: Do not show cluster name once the bitmap is cleared. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Do not display bitmap info if it is cleared. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Do not try to hold dlm lock in free_super1. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Improve the safeguard for changing cluster raid's sb.
    - Detail: Report correct raid-disk for removed drives. (bsc#1081910)
    - Check and remove bitmap first when reshape to raid0. (bsc#1081910)
    - Create: Fix a regression in setting raid_disk. (bsc#1081910)
    - systemd/mdadm-last-resort: Add Conflicts to .service file. (bsc#1081910)
    - super0: Fix reporting of devices between 2GB and 4GB. (bsc#1081910)
    - super1: Allow reshape that hasn't really started to be reverted.
    - super-intel: Ensure suspended region is removed when reshape completes.
    - Fix wrong bitmap output for cluster raid. (bsc#1081910)
    - mdadm: Add '--nodes' option in GROW mode. (bsc#1081910)
    - Consistent use of metric prefix in manpage. (bsc#1081910)
    - Create: Check the node numbers when creating a clustered raid.
    - Grow: Handle failure to load superblock in Grow_addbitmap().
    - Grow: Simplify error paths in Grow_addbitmap(). (bsc#1081910)
    - The sys_name array in the mdinfo structure is 20 bytes of storage
    - monitor: Make sure that last_checkpoint is set to 0 after sync.
    - Remove: Container should wait for an array to release a drive.
    - Fix RAID metadata checking. (bsc#1081910)
    - Allow level migration only for single-array container. (bsc#1081910)
    - Fix bus error when accessing MBR partition records. (bsc#1081910)
    - Add failfast support. (fate#311379)
    - mdadm: Add bad block support for external metadata. (bsc#1081910)
    - Use disk sector size value to set offset for reading GPT. (bsc#1081910)
    - Always return last partition end address in 512B blocks. (bsc#1081910)
    - Add detail information when can't connect monitor. (bsc#1081910)
    - reshape: Support raid5 grow on certain older kernels. (bsc#923920)
    - Assemble: Do not assemble IMSM array without OROM. (bsc#939748,
    - Fix --incremental handling on cluster array.
    - IMSM: Clear migration record on disks more often. (bsc#943028)
    - mdadm: Remove the cluster-md related information from the documentation.
    - Display timeout status. (fate#311379)
    - Retry failed removes. (bsc#808647)
    - Detail: Ignore empty inactive arrays. (bsc#966773)
    - mdadm: Wait for remove to fix a segmentation fault from mdadm when using
    --manage --re-add (bsc#974154)
    - udev-md-raid-assembly.rules: Skip multipathed devices. (bsc#956236)
    - super1: Fix superblock's max_dev when adding a new disk in linear array.

    Patch Instructions:

    To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".
    Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 12-SP1:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SAP-12-SP1-2018-1119=1
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP1-LTSS:
      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP1-2018-1119=1

    Package List:

    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP 12-SP1 (ppc64le x86_64):
      • mdadm-3.3.1-26.5.1
      • mdadm-debuginfo-3.3.1-26.5.1
      • mdadm-debugsource-3.3.1-26.5.1
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12-SP1-LTSS (ppc64le s390x x86_64):
      • mdadm-3.3.1-26.5.1
      • mdadm-debuginfo-3.3.1-26.5.1
      • mdadm-debugsource-3.3.1-26.5.1