How to update to Samba 3.4 on SLES10 SP3 and SP4

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 4
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 3


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 comes with Samba version 3.0.X
While SUSE keeps a stable default with Samba 3.0. on SLES10-SP3 and SP4, there's also an offer for an OPTIONAL update to Samba 3.4  on SLES10 which is fully supported.

Attention: For OES2 installations, do NOT install Samba 3.4 or DSFW will no longer work.
Instead update the system to OES11 if Samba 3.4 really is a must.



To install Samba 3.4 on SLES10-SP3, the system must be registered with the Novell Customer Center or with a local SMT server that mirrors the NCC.

Samba 3.4 is installable as follows:

linux-p8na:~ # rug ping                                                    # wake up the zmd
linux-p8na:~ # rug sl                                                        # show configured services

# | Status | Type | Name                  | URI                                
1 | Active | NU      | |              

The system must be registered either with the NCC or with a local SMT server to proceed.

linux-p8na:~ # rug ca                                                       # check available catalogs

Sub'd? | Name                                   | Service             
          | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras            | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras 
Yes    | SLES10-SP3-Updates              |
Yes    | SLES10-SP3-Pool                   |
          | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras            |     # <--Samba update

linux-p8na:~ # rug sub SLES10-GPLv3-Extras      # subscribe to 'SLES10-GPLv3-Extras'

Now the upgrade to Samba-3.4 can be finished:

NOTE: To avoid confusion the 3.4 Samba packages have the prefix "-gplv3" !

linux-p8na:~ # rug search gplv3

S | Catalog                     | Bundle | Name                           | Version         | Arch 
  | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras |        | samba-gplv3                   | 3.4.3-0.25.1 | x86_64
  | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras |        | samba-gplv3-client          | 3.4.3-0.25.1 | x86_64
  | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras |        | samba-gplv3-doc            | 3.4.3-0.25.1 | noarch
  | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras |        | samba-gplv3-krb-printing | 3.4.3-0.25.1 | x86_64
  | SLES10-GPLv3-Extras |        | samba-gplv3-winbind       | 3.4.3-0.25.1 | x86_64

NOTE: Samba 3.4 requires to accept GPLv3! When installed, GPLv3 needs to be accepted for each Samba package separately. --agree-to-third-party-licences automatically accepts the GPLv3 license.

linux-p8na:~ # rug in --agree-to-third-party-licences samba-gplv3

The following packages will be installed then:
  libtalloc1 3.4.3-0.25.1 (SLES10-GPLv3-Extras)
  libtdb1 3.4.3-0.25.1 (SLES10-GPLv3-Extras)
  libwbclient0 3.4.3-0.25.1 (SLES10-GPLv3-Extras)
  samba-gplv3 3.4.3-0.25.1 (SLES10-GPLv3-Extras)
  samba-gplv3-client 3.4.3-0.25.1 (SLES10-GPLv3-Extras)

The following packages will be removed:
  samba 3.0.36- (system)
  samba-client 3.0.36- (system)
Once that is finished, Samba can be configured with YaST2 or directly via smb.conf.

Additional Information


Before installing Samba 3.4 make sure to record the current state of the Samba daemons and backup the Samba configuration if necessary.

1)  Check and store the current service (nmb,smb, winbind) state

Either use the YaST2 runlevel editor or "chkconfig" to display the current state of the services and restore them after the installation has finished. By default the services are not started after an initial install, but are kept in case of update.

2) Backup your data.

By default YaST2 keeps an update of the current Samba data in /var/adm/backup/samba/  in a directory with the name following the YYYYMMDD.XXXX pattern.  Year, month, day + four random characters.

In case of going back to the old 3.0 Samba, this data is needed to restore the Samba configuration.



Check if /var/adm/backup/samba holds the current configuration (directory with latest timestamp).

Use YaST2 or rug to uninstall all gplv3 packages, then install the Samba 3.0 packages and restore the Samba configuration from /var/adm/backup/samba/



Due to license issues, libsmbclient is not included in the GPLv3 Samba packages.
In case an application requires libsmbclient, make sure to keep the 3.0XX one installed.


ldap ssl

If ldaps:// is used as passdb backend, see TID 7008014 for further information:


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