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Reduce your total cost of ownership through affordable maintenance subscriptions, centralized administration and deployment tools, small operating-system footprint images, and support for a variety of applications and hardware.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, you eliminate operating system licensing fees and pay only for the maintenance subscriptions and services that add value to your business. For retailers with hundreds of locations and thousands of POS devices, the savings from software licenses alone are enormous.

What's more, you can use your SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service operating system during the chosen subscription period for whatever hardware system you want. It is not tied to a specific device like the preloaded operating systems from other vendors. At any time you can buy new hardware or re-purpose old hardware–as often as you want. You need only as many subscriptions as you have machines that are deployed with SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service. In other words: during the times you don't use a POS system, you don't even pay for it.

During the period of subscription you also benefit from our upgrade protection. You can upgrade from an older version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service to the newest version without any additional costs. And if you deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, you don't have to think about additional client-access licenses.

In addition, retailers who switch to SUSE Linux Enterprise can also experience lower operational costs. Because of its advanced design, Linux requires less memory on the clients and a lower-end server in the back room than Windows. This reduces your hardware investment. SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service scales from old hardware to the latest innovative systems. This means you can re-purpose old machines for your POS servers, and you can extend the life of your legacy systems because SUSE Linux Enterprise easily runs on older machines and is backed by seven years of support. This is even more valuable for SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service because the POS images normally are small and don't require huge capacities from a hardware system.

If you are running UNIX, switching to SUSE Linux Enterprise creates impressive savings. Linux is a lower-cost alternative to UNIX. A collection of Intel-or AMD-based servers running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server can deliver more CPU horsepower per dollar than the larger UNIX systems. In some cases, the amount retailers save just by ending UNIX hardware and software contracts is enough to fund their entire Linux deployments. While SUSE Linux Enterprise Server frees you from the costly shackles of proprietary UNIX, the similarity between the UNIX and Linux operating environments makes migrating applications and training IT staff very manageable.

Finally, SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service is based on the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform and shares a common code base with all other SUSE Linux Enterprise-based products. You have a solution that can literally work across your entire infrastructure from point of sale terminals to the mainframe servers. This helps you reduce the complexity of your environment and leverages existing skills of your staff. Being able to deploy a single operating system across your environment allows you to consolidate hardware and reduce management costs. Consolidating on SUSE Linux Enterprise allows a smaller staff to more easily administer a variety of systems, from store systems to servers and even mainframes, giving them more time for growth initiatives instead of maintenance.