Overcome security and compliance obstacles and experience the benefits of an integrated retail solution

We can help you deploy, manage, monitor and update your point of service systems.

We recognize that retail IT managers face many diverse challenges. We can help you secure your stores. We can also help you deliver greater system reliability, lower your total cost of ownership, give you freedom from vendor lock-in, and allow you to leverage an established ecosystem.

No matter what the challenge, SUSE IT Consulting and our trusted partners are here to help.

Engagement Details

Working with SUSE IT Consulting you can reduce project risk and to increase your likelihood of success. Your organization can also benefit from leveraging best practices and receiving hands-on architectural assistance from experts with experience with retail information technology.


Set a direction and determine the scope. Create a high-level architectural design that addresses your specific IT challenges.


Gather requirements. Document business and technical requirements. Design detailed architecture, and record technical specifications.


Begin solution implementation. Integrate testing in the lab environment to ensure that the different parts of the solution are working well.


Plan exit activities, including user acceptance testing, functionality and performance testing. Ensure consultants can be available during a pilot or full-scale deployment of retail environment. Begin support activities.


  • Solve compliance issues while building out a secure retail store environment
  • Minimize implementation costs and increase likelihood of a successful outcome
  • Gain the knowledge needed to support your Linux-based retail environment
  • Save time, money and management effort by ensuring critical implementation success factors are in place

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