Component Overview

This guide is intended for system administrators who want to install SUSE Studio™ Standard Edition or SUSE Studio™ Advanced Edition. It gives an outline how to set up the individual components (SUSE Studio Onsite, SUSE Lifecycle Management Server, and Web­YaST) in conjunction.

However, this guide does not replace the installation instructions and product documentation for the individual components. Where possible, it points you to the relevant parts of the documentation, and provides additional hints and tips for correct installation and interaction of the components.

The first chapter introduces the products and components that are part of the appliance landscape. It also highlights different setup scenarios and gives an overview of the basic installation steps for each scenario. The following chapters focus on the installation of the individual components or of additional products such as SMT.

Many chapters in this document contain links to additional documentation resources. These include additional documentation that is available on the system, as well as documentation available on the Internet.

For an overview of the documentation available for your product and the latest documentation updates, refer to ../../.