2.2 Setting NU Credentials with YaST

YaST provides an interface to set and test NU credentials and the URL of the NU service. To do so, follow these steps:

Figure 2-1 Setting NU Credentials with YaST

  1. Open the Customer Center Access tab of the SMT Configuration (NU Configuration). If the credentials have been already set with YaST or the /etc/smt.conf configuration file, they appear in the dialog. Otherwise, the User and Password fields are blank.

  2. If you do not have your credentials, visit Novell Customer Center to obtain them. For more details, see Section 3.1, Mirroring Credentials.

  3. Enter your NU username in User and the corresponding password in Password.

  4. Click Test to check the credentials. YaST will try to download a list of available repositories with the provided credentials. If the test succeeds, the last line of the test results will read Test result: success. If the test fails, check the provided credentials and try again.

    Figure 2-2 Successful Test of NU Credentials

  5. Enter the NCC E-mail Used for Registration. This should be the address you used to register to Novell Customer Center.

    Enter Your SMT Server URL if it has not been detected automatically.

  6. Click OK or continue with other configurations.