1.3 SMT Configuration Wizard

During the installation of SMT the two-step SMT Configuration Wizard is launched, regardless of the used installation method. Configure SMT using this wizard. You are able to change the configuration later using the YaST SMT Server Configuration module— see Section 2.0, SMT Server Configuration.

  1. The Enable Subscription Management Tool service (SMT) option is checked by default. Uncheck it only if you want to disable the installed SMT.

    If the firewall is enabled, check Open Port in Firewall to allow access to the SMT service from remote computers.

    Enter your Novell Customer Center organization credentials in User and Password. If you do not know your Novell Customer Center credentials, refer to Section 3.1, Mirroring Credentials. Test the entered credentials by pressing the Test button. SMT will connect to the Customer Center server using the provided credentials and download some testing data.

    Enter the e-mail address you have used for the Novell Customer Center registration into NCC E-mail Used for Registration.

    Your SMT Server URL should contain the URL of the SMT server being configured. It is populated automatically.

    Press Next to continue to the second configuration step.

  2. For security reasons, SMT requires a separate user to connect to the database. With the Database Password for smt User widget set the database password for that user. Confirm it in the following field.

    Enter all e-mail addresses that SMT should send reports to using the Add button. You are also able to Edit or Delete any incorrect or obsolete addresses.

    Then click Next.

  3. If the current MySQL root password is empty—as in any freshly installed system—you will be asked to enter a New MySQL Root Password.