1.0 SMT Installation

SMT is an add-on product for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 systems. You can either install the SMT add-on together with your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server base system during the initial installation process, or on top of an already-installed base system at any later time. SMT can be obtained free of charge from https://download.suse.com/.

If you install SMT on top of SLES with the latest maintenance patches applied, you may get dependency errors in some cases if you do not also use the latest SMT patches. To avoid those dependency errors, re-run Novell Customer Center (Novell Customer Center) Configuration in YaST right after you have added the SMT installation repository to your system, but before you install any packages from SMT. This way the SMT update repository will be properly available to your system.

It is recommended to to check for SMT updates available immediately after installing the product. SUSE continuously releases maintenance updates for SMT, and newer packages are likely to be available compared to those installed from media, for example using the zypper patch command.

NOTE: Installation Scope

SMT is a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) based application. During the installation, Apache and MySQL will automatically be installed if missing.