8.4 Configuring Clients with YaST

8.4.1 Configuring Clients with YaST in SLE 11

To configure a client to perform the registration against an SMT server use the YaST registration module (yast2 inst_suse_register).

Click Advanced > Local Registration Server and enter the name of the SMT server plus the path to the registration internals (/center/regsvc/), e.g.:


After confirmation the certificate is loaded and the user is asked to accept it. Then continue.

WARNING: Staging Groups Registration

If a staging group is used, make sure that settings in /etc/suseRegister.conf are done accordingly. If not already done, modify the register= paramater and append &namespace=namespace. For more information about staging groups, see Section 4.3, Staging Repositories.

Alternatively, use the clientSetup4SMT.sh script (see Section 8.3, Configuring Clients with the clientSetup4SMT.sh Script in SLE 11).